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Battle Gear 4 Tuned Jouable

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Posté 11 août 2017 - 09:13

hello, can anyone help with the the steering on this game at all? I'm tearing out what little hair i have left!


The game loads, although i have to have a usb stick plugged into my pc and mapped as drive E: I've got everything mapped out in xpadder as Bruce has, I'm using a xbox 360 controller but left and right aren't recognised. The game crashes with the controller plugged in so i have to plug it in after it has loaded, ttx_config2.0.exe won't load with the controller plugged in it so i have to launch it first then plug the controller in but it won't recognise left or right. I've downloaded the files that Bruce posted on the first page and everything works except steering. I don't understand how to validate the analogue of the xbox 360 controller. What am i doing wrong?!!!