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Any Adrenaline Amusements arcade dumps?


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I'm looking here to see if anyone has come across any dumps from Adrenaline Amusements arcade games, that includes, but isn't limited to the following:

  • Spinner Frenzy
  • Flappy Tickets
  • Black Out
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Crossy Road
  • Disney Crossy Road

Any information on the whereabouts of dumps for any of these games would be amazing to get ahold of, any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Flappy TicketsCrossy-road-redemption-arcade-game-adrenaline-games-image2.webp.b8131eb76d782dd7b9f503367e7bfd7b.webpSpinner Frenzy - Adrenaline Amusements - Betson Enterprisesimage.jpeg.cae20dac02b7dc822c056fea49e0fb1b.jpeg

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7 hours ago, GingerJazz said:

Is that the same game as flappy bird?, I remember that was quite good fun on mobile phone.

Yeah basically with bolder graphics. In some regions this game is called Flying Tickets.

This is a ticket redemption game. You get 1 ticket/point for each green pipe you pass and 3 tickets/points for each red pipe. At times you will need your button mashing Track + Field skills from the very bottom pipe to the very top that makes the game harder! You get jackpot goals (normally 80 points to get 500 tickets) but goes up every time you win a jackpot (from 80 to 100 points etc). 


Arcade owners can change the jackpot goal settings and red pipe triggers too. I've played a machine with 1000 ticket jackpot and another with no jackpot at all, no red pipes for a real challenge!


Being player 1 (Blue Bird) is actually easier than player 2 (Red Bird). Red Bird is closer to the right of the screen making judgements on the next pipe harder to prepare for your next move.


There is also a proper Flappy Bird redemption machine as well which had the same graphics as the original but with added extras like Hats and colour changes after scoring certain points. Ticket system is different to Flappy/Flying Tickets.

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Crossy Road also has simular rules to Flappy/Flying Tickets but you get one ticket every move you make (again I think it depends on settings, sometimes 1 ticket every 2 or 3 moves to make it harder). Jackpot rules are exactly the same, some machines are tougher on traffic flows or random difficulty.


There was a Crossy Road Disney machine around but it's a rare find!

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21 hours ago, spiderzsoft said:

I am looking and trying to get it before 3 years 🥺

i think mostly games are ICE arcade. Linux base shit


Flappy Tickets and Crossy Road Unity5 base arcade

i will ask permission for sharing Flappy Arcade

Wait, you have the dump for it?

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10 minutes ago, GingerJazz said:

These dumps would be great to get especially crossy road and flappy tickets

flappy tickets looks way better than my version of flappy bird i just seen a youtube video,mines is more like the google playstore version and there is a fruit ninja version already out it's called veggie ninja same game i think it's jpn version

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  • 3 weeks later...

So, after a little digging from a dump of Fruit Ninja, there's a JAR file in the client folder, which I have decompiled to reveal the following:


When the JAR file starts, it makes a web call to http://m.sarbakan.com/adrenaline_apps/updater.jar ,(to verify the machine it's running from has an internet connection) which throws a 404 error when trying to access the page now:



But, if the application were to get further, it then tries to download an update for one of the 6 games the JAR has code to download updates for, URLs for those games are listed below:

http://m.sarbakan.com/jetpack/update.zip (Jetpack Joyride)
http://m.sarbakan.com/fruitninja/update.zip (Fruit Ninja)
http://m.sarbakan.com/monster/update.zip (Monster Factory) 
http://m.sarbakan.com/skylander/update.zip (Skylanders Cloud Patrol)
http://m.sarbakan.com/flappy/update.zip (Flappy Tickets)
http://m.sarbakan.com/candy/update.zip (Candy Crush Arcade)


These URLs are still up, but they bring a different problem to light. Each URL will not send you the update file unless a token is specified in the URL, using ?tkn= . The token is comprised of the game's security dongle serial number, which I don't have. Putting in anything random for the token parameter returns Error Code 11, which corresponds to "First Launch". Not sure how to get around that, but I also don't know what it means by First Launch. image.png.01a2ff7c76721e395775294d22f54a8b.png

If anyone can help me out with finding a valid serial number for any of these machines, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm so close to obtaining archives for the rest of these machines, I'm just limited by very small issues!


The JAR file I found is also attached below, in case anyone would like to do more investigation.


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