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2 Player Wiimote Tutorial For TeknoParrot Gun Games


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It is possible to use 2 wiimotes with 1 Dolphin Bar for 2 player games in TeknoParrot


Here's how you do it.


First set Dolphin Bar to Mode 3 and connect your wiimotes.


1) Whatever game you want to use, you have to set the game settings to Direct Input.



2) You can set all the buttons in the controller settings to whichever button on the wiimote you feel comfortable with.

3) In order for the gun to move correctly in the game, you must set the Gun X and Gun Y properties as follows.



4) Do the same for player 2.


This works for single player games aswell.

It is possible to setup 4 wiimotes likes this but not sure if any game takes advantage of 4 players.
I have tried this in other emulators with varying degrees of success.

It does work in MAME. If you find any other ones it does work with then please let everyone know.


thanks all and enjoy :) 

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1 hour ago, bucksoverfame said:

I'm running Hyperspin, So what about the other systems like  Sega Model 2 & 3, PS3 or PS2, Xbox and Xbox360. Using Retroarch for the others. Might try and buy to set up this weekend.


none of those systems worked this way, it would need some changes in programming input code to work on those I think.
Mostly these systems have been emulated to use the mouse for gun input and therefore i couldn't get it to work with those but normally emulating the mouse in mode 2 with 1 player setup works great.
so i guess you would use 2 dolphin bars for 2 players but i've never done this as i don't see the point in it.

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