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[Arcade PC] EZ2DJ 2nd Trax, 3rd Trax, 5th Trax Platinum, 6th Trax, 7th Trax Class R, Azure Expression Integral Composition (Amuse World)

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EZ2DJ 2nd TraX It Rules Once Again














EZ2DJ 3rd TraX Absolute Pitch














EZ2DJ 5th TraX Platinum















EZ2DJ 6th TraX Self Evolution


















EZ2DJ 7th TraX Class R Codename Violet













EZ2DJ Azure Expression Integral Composition









Mirror: http://teknoparrot.link.free.fr/multi/EZ2AC-EndlessCirculation.html


*Note: all ready to play with key mapper* 


with the help of @GENOCIDE_ &  @maxaxis


Bosses  @7zxkv i Can't insert photos and Edit as you see fit 

@ViRuS-MaN @WildWolf

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I am playing azure integral now :)

Playing 7th tracks is better than ez2ac ec because it has space and club mode unlocked!

Edited by maxaxis
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