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[Arcade PC] Chunithm NEW (Sega ALLS)


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8 hours ago, GScience said:

What is Htsysm7679?


The log shows that the exe stops here.

Hypertech System mount. It is the driver for the drm "CrackProof".

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19 hours ago, Maximusboy said:

any progress getting this playable?

Nothing new besides option file leaks.

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hace 5 horas, chunithm PC dijo:

chuni.zip 118 kB · 61 descargas

comment puis-je utiliser


comment fusionner en vhd

I have.

hace 1 minuto, komikazui dijo:

I have.

Encrypted: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wqhNzrzgn0S6nCLGmHC79h8HsUbXzQBH/view?usp=drivesdk



hace 7 minutos, komikazui dijo:

To fuse _0.vhd with _1 and _2 and so on, use hyper-v management tool.

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hace 1 hora, Lava3063 dijo:

Does this mean Chuni New is playable now?

No, it is just the decrypted VHD. The executables are still packed.

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Is there any instruction on how to crack the password?

14小時前,komikazui 說:
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hace 16 minutos, chunithm PC dijo:

Is there any SDHD_ACA.icf ACA_0071.55.01_20210915105953_0.pack decryption

nothing, unfortunately. I wanted the drivers and icf files :(:

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1 hour ago, chunithm PC said:


if anyone wanted to share it, they would have by now. i bet you're desperate but be patient and it'll pop up somewhere with time

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