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Fuk nintendo ( BUT SITES STILL UP! )

Cool Coyote

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forever the shitest  baby console ever now nintendo have shut down emuparadise.  total wankers.

am I wrong? see if you can reach through     https://www.emuparadise.me/

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12 hours ago, maabus said:

Emuparadise has been closed for a while.

yeah nah il take down my gripe lol  i use it still. but of course u can get from other sites, just what i was used to , also some u cant get anywhere else. 

found it was back up this morn       use tamper monkey to bypass the non  dl  use the work around script


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6 hours ago, aandre said:


Yep like 3-4 years now. 


I mean they've still had a site but no roms there. 

SITE BACK UP AGAIN. https://www.emuparadise.me/Neo_Geo_ROMs/The_King_of_Fighters_2000_(Not_Encrypted)/119611

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  • Cool Coyote changed the title to Fuk nintendo ( BUT SITES STILL UP! )
1 hour ago, JustinCredible81 said:

I just saw your post about the workaround script. I didn't know that but for most roms you can just get them on plenty of other sites with an easy google search. 

I only mention it cos its possible to still use the emuparadise site using the workaround script, NOT THAT U CANT GO ANYWHERE 😑 and get roms. a long time browser 'bookmark' I used it for years, mainly with isos as I would just dl mame/sega  etc etc roms  in bulk.  THE TAMPERMONKEY SCRIPT THING HAS BEEN VERY USEFUL to me and others FOR YOUTUBE AND this site for ages now.  of course easy to roms elsewhere.  i have about 15 other rom sires in my bookmarks.   earlier on how hard it was to find those elusive wii roms . of course now i get switch roms straight away. things have change these days.    

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