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THE IDOLM@STER (Namco System 256, 2005)


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Namco System 256, 2005

dump of HDD contents


Around 4-5 years ago, someone on /1cc/ ask for dump of this game, and I was sure I had it, but I only found extracted OST on my computer and uploaded it

Just recently I was going through some old drives from cold storage, and by some miracle, I found the full dump on a backup drive!!

I hope original poster find this


Note: Very large file (37.27GB), recommend use MEGAsync


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10 hours ago, keropon said:

Isn't there any way to run this in MAME yet?


unfortunately no, best bet would be PCSX2 but they don't support adding MagicGate decryption:



Also note that dump above doesn't have a dongle dump (only HDD), if full Sys246/256 emulation becomes a thing someone will probably release one

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Is there any way to extract the data? I actually have this entire arcade kit (HDD, dongle, printable memory cards, cabinet instruction/art inserts, etc.) and I've never successfully dumped it. I was able to use EaseUS Data Recovery to extract a couple of image files (which I've contributed to the Spriter's Resource), but that's about it, other than unreadable raw data. I'm interested at looking at the game's assets, whether it be graphics, models, or sounds.

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