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Sega ALL Net P-ras MULTI 3 - ALL GAMES! Hyperspin Theme


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Hi everyone,


Here is a hyperspin theme for Sega ALL Net P-ras MULTI 3,


Apologies as this is my first attempt, so please enjoy. Thank you to Virus Man as I obtained the wheel Icons from his website


All wheel artwork, video, with default theme and setting for Rocket Launcher included




Sorry for the poor video/screenshots - capture was playing up :P



Download link






Please feel free to make changes and upload newer revisions for the community 

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6 hours ago, EMULINETRASH619 said:

hello if it is not annoying you could pass the hyperspin install everything but in my hyperspin the issue does not work which I have no idea what the problem is thanks



I not sure I follow buddy.


What do ou mean eaxctly?


You need to create a new system called Sega ALL Net P-ras MULTI 3 in Hyper HQ.


Simply place the downloaded folders in to the correct paths, dont forget to include the settings. ini file 


hope this helps


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