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[Arcade PC] Byon Byon, Poogie Race, Mogutte Horehore


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Some more fun games for release, from the Chinese FTP.


Buyon Buyon

のびてけ!!ビョンビョン大作戦 | 株式会社哲信クリエイト




Monster Hunters - Poogie Race


Monster Hunter's Surprising Poogie Racing Spinoff - Siliconera




Mogutte Horehore


Mogutte Horehore





Thanks to my friends for all help and support


Byon Byon.7z = https://uptobox.com/awjiq4rbdbcy
Mogutte Horehore.7z = https://uptobox.com/uz963tfaf998
Poogie Race.7z = https://uptobox.com/ulb0thrdnfbf

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On 4/3/2021 at 10:36 PM, scooby said:

Hi Solo

Thanks for sharing. Do you know on which OS runs Poogie Race ?
I tried on win 7 and win 10, and each time I have an error message telling you are not using the correct windows system :/(


It's Windows 7 X86

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