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(MKDX) Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (Dump Request)


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On 03/03/2021 at 2:18 PM, petje said:


Loads more games here


Only the Japanese version is available

MKDX USA is stil not publicly available

hey is it possible to have a higher res in  the 'cars 2 ' game? il try n find it in the mean time

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salut la room , je joue a Mario kart gp DX sur teknoparrot , j'utilise un volant logitech G920 avec le logiciel maison GHUB j'ai un souci avec les réglages , avec ou sans ghub le volant reste trop dur à tourner à mon goût pourtant les réglages fonctionnent bien dans les autres jeux de course sur teknoparrot , malgré le changement de sensibilité dans le menu teknoparrot ou le réglage de sensibilité dans le logiciel GHUB rien n'y fait.

une idée ? pensez vous que cela vienne de FFBarcadePLUGIN (qui reconnait bien mon volant pourtant), des idées? merci


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1 hour ago, maximus69 said:

hi the room, I play Mario kart gp DX on teknoparrot, I use a logitech G920 steering wheel with the GHUB home software I have a problem with the settings, with or without ghub the steering wheel remains too hard to turn for my taste yet the settings work well in other racing games on teknoparrot, despite the change of sensitivity in the teknoparrot menu or the sensitivity setting in the GHUB software nothing fact.

an idea? do you think it comes from FFBarcadePLUGIN (which recognizes my steering wheel well though), ideas? Thank you



Have you made a specific profile for the Mario Kart .exe in the G-Hub software?

This is what I had to do to get it to work properly. While I like the G920 wheel the G-Hub software is shit.

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J'ai effectivement créé un profil qui pointe le .exe du fichier Mario kart mais bon le volant est dur encore. Même en fermant le logiciel ghub..peut être en essayant d’enlever le fichier ffarcadeplugin et en laissant le logiciel ghub ouvert? J'essaierais

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Hello ! Just wanted to know, am I the only one having this issue please ?! I'm tired of not finding anything !

When I try to launch the game it shows me this error : 


"Could not find any compatible Direct3D devices"

Someone know how to fix this please ?

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il y a 41 minutes, Onkel a dit :

Look on page I gave you :ennuyeux:


Graphic error during launch, or game launches in tiny window

Download missing files here.

Extract to respective folders inside Windows directory.

Oh, it's working now ! I saw your link and the MK fix file that I already tried before (saw it on a video) so I didn't clicked it 'cause I thought it wouldn't work. I tried again and just noticed that the video that I followed put a file in the wrong directory. I should have read before ! (So don't worry I really saw you link !) Thanks ! :)

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