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Ryujinx - Bowsers Fury 😼 fine emulation

Cool Coyote

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from 'Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury' a Switch game        emulates excellent    only a touch slow at the start then it goes fine

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2 hours ago, Cool Coyote said:

emulates excellent

It better be on your RTX 3090 OC GPU, KIWI :very-good:

Prices of those GPU went up at least 50% in a few weeks

Mate of mine bought one for NZ $ 2700 / 1600 Euro / US $ 2000 , now a few weeks later the same GPU costs NZ $ 4200 / 2500 Euro / US $3000 

Good long term investment ;)




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haha  seen heard people al round the globe trying to get their hands on one, few and far between yes of course its on RTX 3090 OC card bro 😅     i know some people cant even get a 3060 .  a nice guy at harvey norman said when he put it in for free as i was standing there  that i was rare to even have it.  i was the only one who had one at that time about 3 of us now in n.z lol  obviously the card is amzing but let me tell you because i have 4k hdr monitor its just doing the job not overly with the likes of cyberpunk etc.., the games are stupidly hard extra settings .  pc games have always been ahead of gpus.   they do it ob purpose to sell graphic cards or the next big thing like mine.

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On 19/02/2021 at 11:41 PM, eljose said:

sorry if this is OFFTOPIC .. FIT GIRL REPACKS .. is now making repacks with YUZU switch GAMES :D https://fitgirl-repacks.site/?red   just download and play

yeah no good to me, all i want is the yuzu that has res changer otherwise it would a complete waste of time, there are sites out there or rather one that just gets the games in on the 2nd day it was released. i have already got some new games taxi ride game, which i see is on torrent . but i use ryujinx cos it has games working better than yuzu and u have res changer

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wrong word
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