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[Arcade PC] PacMan VR (Virtuality SU-2000)


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A arcade game from the late 90s which ran off DOS and is one of the first VR arcade games, as well as the rarest Pac-Man games in existence. Previously lost to time until it was dumped by chilistudios and put on the Internet Archive. I managed to get the game to boot in DOSBOX-X, but it gives an error about something called "MSCDEX"

Run either go.bat or PACMAN.EXE in the Pacman.zip or PACMANVR.iso file to run it in DOSBOX-X.



Hopefully, in the future, someone can get this working.


Dump link(Internet Archive): https://archive.org/details/pacman_202009

Backup in case it gets taken down: https://mega.nz/file/og8BjCgS#jnEmhOQ9ygXDYWqp6hcgc_H6kKUbLwUboeUsqgwYHv4


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the internet archive link has an iso in it, because i am an idiot who has no experience with DOS i can't mount it

the ISO appears to be larger than the other files plus the audio tracks are in there, so if anyone knows how to use MSCDEX and mount isos with DOSBox-X please let me know

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