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[SINGE 2] Ninja Hayate (FULL GAME)


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Hello Everyone,

A classic of the FMV arcade world.
All the video part has been restored by me, do not expect miracles, but compared to the classic version there are many improvements.
Added the choice of difficulty
All moves are identical to the PS1-SATURN version.
The first 2 levels are in sequence, from 3 to 16 random, 17 last.
To play the game as it was designed do not touch the configurations 





Unzip the archive and put inside the folder with Singe executable, launch the bat file

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37 minuti fa, punkdark2000 ha scritto:

Thank you very much, I have a question
What would be the action button? I'm trying to make the first move that would be the action button + down and I'm not getting it.

as in the original game, the action message always appears.
so only arrows and the button, if any, when it appears on screen

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hello sorry but how can I show it to Singe 2, I put the folder in the singe folder and click on the BAT but it gives me an error it says that it does not find the Singe.exe but it sees the other games thanks for help
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@larazaa75 simply edit batch file to have matching executable name, by defaut singe 2 executable is named Singe-v2.00-Windows-x86_64.exe, on this batch, user renamed executable to be Singe.exe.


@poiu Thanks a lot for this, like all other Laser Disc Games but I have a question, why there is two videos in this archive please? Under video folder, the first one is about 2.53Go and 25:19 (so the one used by default). There is a new foler inside video folder containing another video that is about 2.45Go and 24:35. Both seems to be Japanese audio, can you explain that difference please? Another question is : there is no way to have english audio on it? Seems like I can't do it myself, it will not be that simple, because Singe english version video is about 24:51 so simply muxing audio isn't possible, duration don't match. Thanks!


Please forgive me, I'm french, I can partially understand english speech but I can't understand japanese speech at all! ^^

But I agree it still cool to have japanese audio for alternative.

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