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Anyone have proper dump of Mazan: Flash of the Blade for latest Demul?


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Tried what seems to be a mame rom set from several places, I believe its bad dump because Demul wont recognize it as light gun, and it crashes when open Test Menu. Is there another dump of it besides the mame rom?


EDIT: Just tried another ligth game from save devs (Ninja Assault) and it also crashes on Test Menu... which makes me beleive its either problem with Demul, or im missing a bios or something its not telling me about

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Just gonna leave this reply here since once again there is almost no information about it. 

To Calibrate mouse on Demul, you need to press JVS Test button (which is different from Test button) once you see the actual game title show up, from there you can use you directional buttons (default WASD) to scrolls to menu, and Push1 button is Enter. You need to calibrate your Gun under I/O Test (or in the case of Mazan "Sword") and make sure to exit JVS Test by pressing the JVS Test button again, otherwise it wont save.


BTW I didnt even need to set Maple Device 1 as Ligthgun with this steps....the emulator automatically recognizes mouse.


As a side note, under coin options in the JVS Test Menu you can turn on Freeplay if you dont want to keep pressing insert coin.


Hope this helps someone out there!

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