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Roms not working


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So recently I didnt have my pc hooked up to the internet, so when i did connect, I opened up teknoparrot and downloaded all the updates. Im running windows 7 but when i tried to run any game it just crashes and doesnt even try to run. Ive tried every game and none of them work. I checked my windows 10  laptop with teknoparrots newest updates and it works fine there. What happened?  Any buddy have an idea? I tried re downloading teknoparrot and same thing no roms boots. Even when i try the .exe without teknoparrot. 

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Well...maybe a silly question..

Do you have downloaded roms too?...or u try to launch with only Teknoparrot without required files?

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Ive been using my pc with windows 7 this whole time using teknoparrot with no issues. But something happened when I turned on my internet. Ive tried launching games without teknoparrot and still wont load. I dont know what happened. I would like to install windows 10. Anybody have a copy of windows 10 or know where to get a copy of it? 

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