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[TUTO] Star Trek Voyager + RTSS portable ( 30 FPS FiX ) and LaunchBox

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Ci40 G4M3-MANiACs™,


I did a Rivatuner portable just to use it for fixing FPS in Star Trek Voyager.

It works without Statistic Server because I renamed the extension of 2 files for that feature.

Why I did that?

Because I also made a BAT file for closing RTSS.exe through LB and it doesn't close the other 2 .exe and since I noticed they are useless for my purpouse, I renamed them  :rolleyes:


I made a little video :) 




Download RTSS portable from this link ( BAT included )




Password = nohero


After you download the program you can move it where you want and don't forget to
add the BudgieLoader path and set 30 FPS as I show in the video.


If you don't use LB no problem, you can run RTSS.exe before you start the game and remember to close it after.

Run the BAT file as Admin if you don't use LB.


I think you can fix FPS for all games that run too fast with RTSS ( you can try it for LGJ Special ).



I set in TP to use a mouse and with LB I'm using J2K ( if you need it, it's in the TUTO I did for TC5 here on Emuline ).


Hope you enjoy and don't forget to show some love hitting the THANKS button!





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To kill those bastards in a quick way you need to shoot at their head otherwise they will hit you always  :lol: 

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