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Plug-in FFB Arcade on fanatec csw 2.5


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hi ! im new here, my first post :)

well, i try to run sega M2 and daytona rom with FFB arcade

but emu dont recognizes my base !

i put all FFB ARCADE files on root of emulator, ( the only way to see .exe file

run daytona and nothing happens. FFB ARCADE works on test page, any idea?


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I have the base 2.5, too ... try deactivating one oft the two devices control panel / device manager (deactivate the first one - if this doesnt work, activate the first one and deactivate the second)

Dont forget do set the right device id with the ffb tool - you also can do ffb Tests there - so you can check if the wheel is working with the ffb proper without loading the game.

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I upgraded in December. I had a V2.5 for a year and have only had 2 months on my DD1, but the biggest thing I can say is the DD1 just feels smoother, heavier, and more detailed. When I use my DD1 it feels more like I’m driving my daily/track car in real life than my CSW did. I also think the DD1/DD2 quick release works better.








Kodi nox

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