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Madden Arcade Global VR Controls

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Can anyone help with remapping the controls for Madden?  I have spent the better part of 2 days working on this with no results.  I have read and re-read all that I can find.  I have tried different combinations of dll and ini, and tried multiple ahk combos, netting nothing but frustration.  The game loads fine, but the closest to gaining control is using the a, b, c, and t buttons.  I need to be able to remap to my ipac arcade controller.  Ultimately, I would also like to figure out how to change the resolution to 1080p and get both players up and running.  I will definitely settle for gaining control though.  Please help if you can.  Thanks!

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 4 player has 49 way digital joystick. 1 and 2 player go to a board with with a printer type usb output. I'm just getting into creating my own cabinet. Does this board need power to it and would this be a decent board to connect to a Pi since it's got the usb connection? Any info other than the manual would be great.







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