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Strider (2014) Hiryu Is Back


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Une jolie surprise ce matin en voyant cette news 

Capcom a ressortie dans ces fonds de tirroir la license du Ninja Strider Hiryu :wub:

un jeu dévelloppé par la meme équipe de Killer Instinct remake "Double Helix", le jeu sortira début 2014 sur tous les machines OUAW !!

Xbox 360, PS3 (Playstation 3), Xbox One, PS4 (Playstation 4), et PC




Strider trailer





quelques images screenshot du jeu en 2.5D



Use Hiryu’s deft acrobatic skills to explore open, vast, and interconnected “2.5D” environments. 




Blast through droves of enemy soldiers with high-speed Cypher combat. Different Cypher abilities earned throughout the game will give you dazzling ways to handle high-pressure situations. Deflect bullet barrages with slash attacks, or set enemies ablaze with a flaming Cypher slash. We’ll also see the return of Hiryu’s robot allies!



Expect more info on Strider in the near future! For now though, feast your eyes! 








he original assassin returns with the digital release of Striderâ„¢ for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

An intense side-scrolling action platformer, Strider's action begins in the expansive metropolis of Kazakh City, a mix of ornate Russian architecture and hard-edged futuristic high-rise buildings with sprawling energy cables and pipework. Players freely explore the city, gaining new abilities and items which in turn open access to a truly expansive interconnected game world beyond. Strider features the same franchise hallmarks of fluid, lightning quick combat and ground-breaking free-flowing traversal that inspired many of today's third person action titles.

Hiryu is the youngest ever recruit to attain a Special A-Class in the hellish Strider training program and is the only man capable of achieving the mission to eliminate Grand Master Meio.

Perform breakneck acrobatic jumps and mid-air flips while slicing through Strider's varied enemy types with Hiryu's indestructible 'Cypher', a plasma charged weapon that can take on a number of properties. Alternatively, use the climb sickle to gain the high ground, and hit them with a surprise Kunai attack or call on support allies for some extra muscle when the going gets tough.







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nouveau trailer diffusé par Capcom, ca sent bon =)

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Strider est disponible sur PC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3 et PS4

Jeu disponible uniquement en téléchargement (dématérialisé) fini les cd rayé, fini le jeu prété aux voisins...


pour infos, le studio indépendant Double Helix vient (Killer instinct sur XONE) d'etre racheté par Amazon.



Hiryu is back :very-good:


Strider: A Capcom Retrospective


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Dispo sur Steam pour 14.99€


Video bonus : 


lien expire :)



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Je l'ai pris hier, mais je n'ai pas pu  le tester sur le pc multimedia, il me demande une carte graphique supportant DX11, je testerai ça dans la soirée sur mon pc de jeu.

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