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First page of TeknoParrot (TP) thread ?

Use 7zip, twice, first to extract the .bin from the packed file.

When you got the rambo .bin file extract again with 7z to get the folders and files

The file you need to set in TP is <your rambo game folder>/disk0/elf/ramboD.elf

This is for all lindbergh games.


What is your monitor resolution ?

When you change the game resolution aiming will be off, i think 1360 (or 1366) x768 is the original resolution


No need to tick XInput


Right mouse click is start game

If not on freeplay (test / service menu), tick freeplay in settings above

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THANKS.it work im changing a 1up arcade machine into a real arcade machine with  a cpu and a 24" tv monitor a light gun with launchbox as my games setup for my man cave. COVID-19 look like it going to be around longer then people think.mame wii ps2 dreamcast games or on it now TP game look better then the other system.

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