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Fishing Table Games Wanted


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Does anyone have the fishing table arcade / gambling games available.

I just picked up a 6 player cabinet. Below is a pic of it.

The game it has is Fishing Season 3

Would appreciate a link or any information people may have


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So i have the hdd and usb key. But im having trouble getting it going.

HDD 8gb SSD - Its a Chinese Windows NT Boot Flash Drive running Windows 6.1.7600.16385   2006/6/21

It has the game and game updates - but the game the installer exe's wont work

There is a program in the programs folder called Senselock attached is the setup info file. slusb

Has anyone seen this program before or know a work around as i think it may be causing the error as shown in the attached game error logs.

There is a sense4.dll in the game folder as well.


I have not been able to access the USB but it does lightup when windows is running.


When i got the machine it did work for a few minutes than turned itself off.

I was able to get it running for 15 minutes before it turned itself off.


I thought it was a pc issues so did a total clean. The PC now will run constantly but will not boot into the game.


Please help :)





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