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[Arcade PC] Figure Heads (Taito Type X3)


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Oh wow, this is a completely new title to me. Thanks for the heads up and sharing the link! 

Doing some research, There was also a FigureHeads PS4 and PC game that was free to play but online services unfortunately shut down back in June of 2018.

A couple of PC Square Enix online games around that time got shut down and it's a dang shame.  For example: Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded and Lord of Vermilion Arena.

Best of luck to those that attempt to get this game running. ~Inari

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It is Figure Heads A

Unreal engine based game




Added iDmacDrv64.dll

Started FusionGameArcade-TypeX.exe

Game boot logo


White screen, black screen, crashes

No sure if this is related

Fatal error!

Address = 0x76d95499 (filename not found) 


Another time

Fatal error!

Address = 0xc9355499 (filename not found) 

In game key assignments


Pretty complex inputs



Game needs server access it is a multiplayer versus game, 5 versus 5 or person vs person


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any updates on Figure Heads and how to get it running? I know it requires a server would it still be possible. 

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