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Tsunami Tsumo multicade system emulation?


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I see that the Tsunami ReVolt racing game has been emulated, but does anyone know if the Tsunami Tsumo hardware PCs have been emulated?


Some games on the platform include:


Air Raid

Astro-Canyon Coaster Ride
Air Strike

Desert Doom Motion Ride
Beach Head 2000 - Special Edition

Genie's Magic Carpet Ride
Crimson Skies

Phoenix Roller Coaster Ride

Raven Roller Coaster Ride
MechWarrior 4 Vengeance

Twister Roller Coaster Ride
Star Wars Starfighter

Volcano Mine Ride


I own a Tsumo conversion PCB with 4 games, but it suddenly stopped working, so I'd love to get it back up somehow.


Thanks in advance!


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On 2/22/2020 at 5:52 PM, spiderzsoft said:

i have 4 in 1 multi games restore image but  only work on real hardware


I have a real Tsumo PC in a conversion cabinet. Which games are on your restore image?


@Onkel, Thanks, I'll pull the PC and check the power supply.


It was odd that one day it worked, then I went out a week later and... nothing. 


I'm surprised nobody has emulated this yet, as the hardware is a bit older now and there's maybe 8-10 games and 

roller coaster sims that run on the hardware platform.

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4 hours ago, UnknownID said:

@Onkel, Thanks, I'll pull the PC and check the power supply.


It is a standard PC PSU ?


Unplug all cables from the PSU

Check for voltages on every connector

PSU works ?


Plugin one by one and test if the PSU still works (fan spin) start with only motherboard than the rest

Shut down the power every time you plugin a connector !

Should a device pull the PSU down because it is short circuited

So you can narrow it down, what device it is.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I haven't pulled the PC yet. Winter in the north + Unheated garage = lack of motivation to work in garage. :)


When you hit the power button on the PC all the lights come on, and you can hear the PC running

(fans, HDD chatter, etc.) just nothing on screen.


Going to try and pull it this weekend and open it up to do a visual inspection of the motherboard/power supply.



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