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[Arcade PC] Daitarn 3 Singe Edition (Laserdisc)


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this is the second game i created for Singe.
The game is based on the animated series of Daitarn 3 and Haran Banjo.
Italian language only.


daownload emulator singe 4: 3




download emulator singe 16:9




download Daitarn 3 Singe Edition




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hello poiu thanks for getting back to me i have posted a picture of what my problem is. i am running on a 4k tv and i am getting a picture that is dispayed 4x the origanal. i am only getting quarter of the screen. see pic.thanks cant wait to play


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you have a 4K TV edit the bat file



@daphne.exe singe vldp -opengl -ignore_aspect_ratio -fullscreen_window -noserversend -volume_vldp 64 -volume_nonvldp 24 -sound_buffer 2048 -framefile singe/daitarn/daitarn.txt -script singe/daitarn/setupgame.singe

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Hi friends !!

Here I leave you my new gameplay of Daitarn 3, finished with a 1 Credit Clear, and no Deaths.

I want to thanks very especially to @poiu, for your fantastic and great job in this LaserDisc game !!

PD: For true Youtube has locked this video in Italia, for terms of copyrights



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