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Graphics to fast ? Here the solution

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Your monitior has a faster refresh rate than 60 Hz

For example this monitor is 280 Hz !




Set Vertical sync on for games .exe that runs to fast

In nvidia control panel it is on the desktop right click


Or use rivatuner




For AMD users


On AMD set maximum frame rate to 60 fps





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I use Bandicam for take my screenshots on my website.

it has a option for limit speed at wish...u can unlock speed if u want :P

I have issue sometimes...ex Supermodel run only at 62/62fps, i can limit with bandicam.

Another thing very usefull :

On Fur Fighters(pc) the physics are broken because game need to run at 30fpswith vsync it stay broken...with bandicam capped to 30fps ALL work fine :)



I use only the FREE options of bandicam (screenshots/fps capping)

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