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"Failed creating Direct 3D device sur Mario Kart Arcade DX

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Je viens d'installer Mario Kart Arcade DX en suivant les consignes.


Tout se passe bien au début, je peux choisir les différentes options.


Mais à la fin, j'ai le message "Failed creating Direct 3D device.


J'ai recommencé en modifiant la résolution et la le message suivant c'est affiché :

Mallo Fail size (12587534) cnt (605319).


Que faire pour résoudre ce problème ?


Merci pour votre attention.





I just installed Mario Kart Arcade DX following the instructions.

Everything goes well at first, I can choose the different options.

But in the end, I have the message "Failed creating Direct 3D device.

I started again by modifying the resolution and the following message is displayed:

Mallo Fail size (12587534) cnt (605319).

What to do to solve this problem?

Thank you for your attention.



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3rd post with the same question ?

Your first got deleted ? :what:

I already gave answers in that post !



So next time RTFM !!!

There are many more in the tutorial section.


Game won't launch due to graphic error, or only launches in a tiny window.

This game requires a couple of extra DLLs to run properly.
Download here: https://mega.nz/#!eIlGAKDS!sOCDDmPXCmPwzSZ_EPCPvg3SIMXbSVQ0PscachAS-K8
Extract to respective folders inside Windows directory.


But to make it easy on you , from the TeknoParrot thread 1st page on emuline.

fix: MKDX-Fix.rar


And pretty please, do not make a new post / thread about simple questions, ask it in the appropriate thread !

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