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Operation Ghost Tutorial touchmote 2 wiimotes and demulshooter in Hyperspin

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Hello ,

My second tutorial to get operation ghost 2 to work with 2 wiimotes .

What needed dolphin bar and 2 wiimotes offcourse .

Dolphin in mode 4 .


first step

Download touchmote and config like the printscreen . https://ibb.co/wM4KNXM

Ctrl +F1 is for credit .

Enter and + from numpad is start player 1 and 2 !

See Hook to application , so profile load up auto when starting the game ! Is this case its GS2.exe


Next download demulshooter and copy to the gamefolder . https://ibb.co/pdDNdqN

Open Demulshooter with ADMIN rights ( don't forget , otherwise it don't work )

Select your 2 wiimotes for player 1 and player 2 .

In my case its xinput 3 for player 1

and xinput 4 for player 2

Because i have also 2 xbox one controllers

Save this .


Now create a shortcut from demulshooter , and add this string   DemulShooter.exe -target=ringwide -rom=og



Next step create a bat file into your gamefolder to launch game together with demulshooter .

Open notepad , past and copy this in the notepad . change where your game is located . And save with extension .bat


@echo on
START DemulShooter.exe -target=ringwide -rom=og

cd D:\TeknoParrot Games\Operation Ghost
start "" "D:\TeknoParrot Games\Operation Ghost\Game Loader All RH.exe"



The rocketlauncher part https://ibb.co/C8hS4Yp

Your application is then the bat file you created .

Don't forget appwaitexe to put demulshooter.exe from the gamefolder . Otherwise you will have fade error .


And voila both wiimotes working in hyperspin .

offcourse Touchmote must be running . But for me it start automatic when i start up my pc .

When haunted mansion 2 selected in hyperspin , it will load up touchmote profile and your demulshooter profile .


Hope this helps , because it can be difficult if you don't know how to do this .

And for me this config is perfect working .



Note don't forget to change this in rocketlauncher under controls "activation key" is also " +" in rocketlauncher .

For operation ghost "+" on numpad is start player 2 .

So change it too "minus" on your numpad in rocketlauncher !! https://ibb.co/sqx4mcy


Next tutorial is for sega golden gun and teknoparrot


For mame its easy offcourse . No need for demulshooter .

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