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[Arcade PC] Fire & Ice (LaserDisc) + Tutorial [Updated]

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Le 13/10/2020 à 11:04, pjft a dit :

@Karis Certainly the link is good to have if/when it comes, but I actually came here to ask for the tutorial on how to make these games (which is in a Mega link that's also broken).


I'd love to explore and see if I can take some of my kids' cartoons and turn them into games. It might end up being too much work, but thought I'd try it out if - as you say - there's no meaningful programming involved :)


Sure, here it is. It's a bit long but there are a lot of illustrations.

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Of course, you'll need the program to do it. But the last version was approved and games are uploaded so i think we're almost there.


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Karis is updating his games to the latest version of Sing which is not officially released yet. As soon as he gets the ok from the developer of singe2 he will reupload his games. Just be patient for now. 

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