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[Arcade PC] Guitar Hero Arcade (Raw Thrills) [READY2PLAY]

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On 3/27/2019 at 12:08 AM, bojo5150 said:
Guys, I can't for the life of me figure out the controls. I've read Mohkerz instructions a dozen times. I wish to use the keyboard and my interpretation of the instructions is to leave Xinput1_3.dll and Xinputter.ini alone. I boot the game via the launcher (both the launcher and the game executable have been set to "run as admin", the Enter key works to get past the initial instructions screen and once in attract mode I press 4 + R + Space (BLUE PLAYER1, BLUE PLAYER2 and START PLAYER2) to enter the test mode to change everything over to freeplay but the key combo isn't working and none of the keys seem to have any effect. I tried deleting Xinput1_3.dll and using an XBOX One controller but the keyboard Enter key still works and I can't attempt to go into test mode because I only have one XBOX controller.
Changing unlockmainmenu to a value of 1 does boot the game into debug mode but I cannot move the selection or select anything because neither the XBOX controller buttons or the keyboard keys have any effect.
I assume I'm missing something obvious, can someone please help me move forward? Thank you!


On 3/27/2019 at 12:23 AM, Venisa1990 said:

controller not works... is there easy way for mapping keyboard or controller set? i am not expert so please help and guide me. Thank you

use the x360ce app to use the joystick it works fine for me in win10 it will update your older Xinput1_3.dll file then just map buttons as you like hope this helps

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