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[Tuto] Let's go Jungle, install, AMD fix.

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Let's Go Jungle (Lindbergh)


Lindbergh games run ONLY on Window$ 10, because of VM dependencies to run a linux VM in Window$ 10.


Lindbergh (BudgieLoader) games do NOT run on other versions of Window$ (8, 7, et cetera) !


I have noticed that there is no direct link to Let's Go Island on the front page.


Here a link to all Lindbergh games.

Thanks to @wilmans2m

- Dumps Lingbergh décryptés (le jour ou Teknoparot permet de lancer les jeux):
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You can extract the .rar and the resulting .bin with 7zip.

Otherwise you can use PowerISO

Ignore the errors about symbolic links, these can not be created on a Window$ 10 file system.

I use "No to all", works fine for me.


Here a link to the latest AMD GPU fix.

Thanks to @jets


TeknoParrot still shows the Window$ mouse cursor.

You can use GameLoader All RH ( in conjunction with TeknoParrot (1.92) to suppress the Window$ mouse cursor.

"Update rate mouse cursor hide", enable and set to 0.


Executable file is:

/Game Folder/disk0/lgj_final

People with a FullHD monitor can try:

/Game Folder/disk0/lgj1920


If this tutorial helps you out, and it works for you, give this post a like, if you like.


Enjoy !


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Je jouais, la souris a cessé de fonctionner, j'ai tout essayé, avez-vous des solutions?


I was playing, the mouse stopped working, I tried everything, have any solutions?

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