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[Tuto] About "old" games & hardware

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I would like to "suggest, advise" people whom want to play games in a correct way to ......


Buy a "old" second hand LCD monitor / TV as big as you want.

With a native resolution of 1360x768 (HD Ready) or 1920x1080 (Full HD) 

Make it two of the same model, for VS (LAN) games / cabins. :very-good:

A old CRT monitor with a resolution at 640x480 or higher at 15 KHz and / or 31 KHz compatible.

(no sync on green ?)


These games where "then" designed to function on such hardware resolutions.

But nowadays, almost everybody got a Full HD monitor at minimum, and then there are the people with 4K HDR monitors.

These "old" games were not "designed" to run at such resolutions.

So patches and such are needed for "Ultra HD" upscaling,( in the tv / monitor upscaling lags).

Line doubling, tripling, quadrupling and other tricks to fit a "low resolution" game internal resolution on a 2K or $K screen.


The PC needed does not have to be a "monster"

Let's say a dual RTX 2080 Ti with a Intel Xeon E7-8880 v3 18 Core CPU and 128 GB (at least)


Look at my PC specs 8GB RAM, a I7 860 CPU from 2009 a videocard GT 740 (2 GB) from 2013 !!!

The only game with a low frame rate is Daytona Championship USA.


Within a few years all that old gear is (or is already) scrapped !!!

And no way to get it back.


Compare it to playing DOS games on a modern PC, without any software "tricks" to make it run correctly.

Not to mention, certain hardware DEMANDS by old software !!

(anyone got a parallel port on their modern motherboard ?)


Good working / not burned in CRT Monitors / TV's, where ?

You tell me, there is no more factory in the world who makes CRT tubes anymore.

Revision ??


So get some "old" gear , now, or when it is possible, but do not wait to long, because the above .......

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Here i currently use a Asus VG248QE (i guess change for a 27' soon :p), with 8700k@4.7Ghz and 2070 RTX.

For old games i use another "tricks"...

For very old games (MSDOS) simply use DOSBOX.

The DOSBOX-X have a nice filter (for me) Xbrz bilinear.

Some version(as the X ) can use GLIDE (for Carmageddon or Screamer Rally).


For games from Windows 3.1 u can use DOSBOX (again) or PCem.


For Windows 95/98/ME -> DOSBOX-X (managed with Windows)/PCEM/VirtualBox/Vmware.


For Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 -> VirtualBox/Vmware.


In some case u can use - Nglide(Voodoo emu) and Dgvoodoo(Voodoo and Dx1/2/3/3/5/6/7/8 and 9 emu).


On my comp almost all games can work...almost because some crash and doesn't run at all :/


Then buy old things are a bit useless there :P

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