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[Tuto] Mario Kart DX Arcade GP 1.10, including banapassport save and online play.

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Till this day I see people having trouble installing, Mario Kart DX Arcade GP.


So here a tutorial, I hope it helps.


Here we go .....



Unpack the game in a folder of your choosing.

Link TeknoParrot 1.90 (1.86) to MK_AGP3_FINAL.exe

Set the correct resolution in TeknoParrot, game specific settings tab.

Game resolution not correct ?

Check these files, open with notepad.

Edit teknoparrot.ini in the game folder, for the correct resolution.

Edit, AMConfig.ini in gamefolder/AMCUS.

Edit, DefaultConfig.csv in gamefolder/Data/System/Config.


Mario Kart DX Arcade GP, online gaming / banapassport save does not work correctly, with TeknoParrot 1.90.

Fallback to version 1.86 for online game / banapassport save.

Old versions of Teknoparrot can be found on the front page !

First of all, be aware that a mirror of all versions is available on this link . 
First of all, be aware that a mirror of all versions is available on this link . 

The latest version is either available on the mirror or on the official website .


Use TeknoParrotOnline.exe for online gaming, register a Mario Kart account on (top right).


Press F2 to insert your Banapassport card, after ending the game / saving, remove the card again by pressing F2.


But before you can start, be sure to install these files first !!


This is a slightly edited copy from the front page, but still people look past it.

All research, and links to files below, thanks to their respective posters !


First, think about updating your system files: in One Runtimes

(clean pack, without any bastard installation, removes itself and you can uncheck the features that you do not like, like Java for example)

Note that for some games like MarioKartDX, you will also need the installation of the Direct X SDK.

The end user runtimes is already integrated in the pack but if you do not want to install this pack then install the runtimes yourself.

DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010): ( normally present in the sereby pack )

DirectX SDK (June 2010): )

You can ignore the error at the end of the installation.

Enable "Nam Cam"
Apparently only works for certain model web cams, so if it doesn't work for you, then maybe you're out of luck.

We're still investigating.


Executable file is, MK_AGP3_FINAL.exe


1) Run game and enter test menu. Choose 2nd option from the top:


2) In next screen, choose 4th (bottom) option and turn to ON or OFF as needed.


As far as I know this is all the information you need to get the game working.


There are also translation packs, to French and English.

(save the original files)

Still a work in progress.

Also from the front page.

French translation pack here:


(Sorry link is dead at the moment, admins will probably solve in due time.)
English translation pack here:


Game unlock patches are here, also from the front page, but as far as I know these patches only work on version 1.00.

(lien1 [All cups unlock save by beatlep]

lien 2 [All unlock save by Reaver)
The second link is a 100% unlock ?


Found this on the emuline discord.


MKDX 1.10 100% unlock ?




Mario Kart GP Deluxe 1.10 + Teknoparrot 1.63 Now All can be unlocked, look this vidéo :

- All items - All characters + QR code Characters - All karts + all colors,

the 2 missing karts are QR code Karts you cannot save them permanently as the original game

- All Championship gold in 50cc /100cc/150cc/150cc mirror - Story mode was finished 3 times to unlock 3 karts QR Code here (you need a compatible webcam) :

Don't ask me to share this savegame because it is not possible,

it is an individual backup stored on a network server via banapass emulated


Enjoy !!!



I hope that this tutorial helps other people out.

It takes you a few moments to read, but it took me all night to figure it out.

When you get the game working, thanks to this "manual", please give a thanks at this post.





There is also a way to run Mario Kart GP Arcade DX version 1.10 100% unlocked with these files.

The latest version of this tool can be downloaded from this page:

(version 1.6 as of 28-02-2019)

The profile.bin file needs to be placed in the folder: game folder/sv

BUT, at the moment I get very often a DNS error, and JconfigMK.exe does often not register the joystick buttons correctly.

I can not get gas and brake assigned onto the triggers, it sees it as buttons 4 and 5 ? (at other times as other buttons)


And no, the profile.bin file does not unlock anything when used to run the game with TeknoParrot.


Onto a bug hunt !!!




If somebody knows a solution, for the above described problems, please leave a helpful comment in this thread, to also help other people on this forum out.



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Added information, information about online gaming and banapassport save, added correct links, added request, added 1.10 100% unlock QR code
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