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[Tuto] TeknoParrot, BudgieLoader, Gameloader ALL RH: explanation and how to install (and such things)

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First of all I would like to THANK all the programmers and other people involved in this "project"


All the game Icons are made by @POOTERMAN right here on this site.


He puts a lot of effort in it to make TeknoParrot and other loaders "complete" !

Otherwise we all would have a text interface, a DOS prompt to work from !


It would be "nice of us" TeknoParrot users, to thank him for his awesome game icons.

So if you see a new post with game icons give it a thanks ! 

It is just a click in the right corner of his posts ........but it could mean much, a simple thank you !


A big thank you to, Reaver, NTAuthority , Avail, and all the other people involved in this scene.

without their "skills" we all would have nothing.

And I have to say version 1.90 is a big step forward, a milestone !


And of course @Nezarn thank you, for all the AMD GPU shader fixes you made.



Official site.

Older versions,


Both sites give a "Dangerous" warning, we all know better than that.


Why does it give a warning ?


TeknoParrot, and Gameloader All RH changes game / application memory on the fly / jit , to make the game run.

Window$ does not like that ?

Did something change in the memory management of Window$ 10 1809  ?

Is that the reason loaders run games better on version 1803 (april 2018) of Window$ 10 ?


As mentioned in the TeknoParrot readme.txt file, Teknparrot needs .NET 4.5.2


The newer titles are Patreon only !

"This code requires valid serial number to run. Program will be terminated."

Patreon is a service to give money and help developers. 

If you subscribe, you can access certain features or games in advance.

You need to buy a serial to run that game, which can be obtained here. 

(or wait until the game comes out of Patreon)



Do not forget to set your game internet connection per game in TeknoParrot.

IP address, DNS, gateway, et cetera. 

Windows key+R, cmd, ip config /all


Check your firewall for connections which games try to make, determine yourself which can connect to the (inter)net.



Run TeknoParrotUI.exe as administrator.


Other recommended files are.


DirectX 9C


Some older games need .NET 3.5 (NESICAxLive / TaitoX)


.NET 3.5 Error code: 0x800F081F ?



Place file in root of C:


And run this as administrator in DOS box.


Dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /source:C:\ /LimitAccess



Some games needs Visual C++


Install them all, 32 and 64 bit.


Onto TeknoParrot / BudgieLoader and the games it tries to load.


BudgieLoader is a part of TeknoParrot, specific to load Lindbergh arcade based games.


Because Lindbergh hardware runs on Linux (Montavista), it needs Window$ 10 to emulate a Virtual Machine, running Linux in Window$ 10.


I doubt it will EVER be possible to run Lindbergh based games on older versions of Windows.

No worries TeknoParrot / BudgieLoader takes care of that in Windows$ 10.


Some games need dumped / cracked .exe files to run, sometimes they are not included in the release, search !!!

(front page is a good place to start).


TeknoParrot / Budgieloader.


So if you see a DOS box with Budgieloader, it is a Lindbergh game, which needs to run in a Linux Montavista Virtual Machine in Window$ 10.


For the people who can not find Lindbergh games, check this link.


 Dumps Lingbergh décryptés (le jour ou Teknoparot permet de lancer les jeux):


Bin files for Lindbergh can be extracted with 7Zip and / or PowerISO.


The errors of PowerIso and 7zip can be ignored.


It has to do with Linux symbolic links which do not yet exist during extraction, can not be done on a Windows filesystem.


(YES, there is a difference if you answer No to all, or Yes to all)

(I do not yet know, what the correct answer is to extract the files, No to all, works for me)


Wait up a video, thanks to @trouby


To make everything to everybody clear, After Burner Climax is a Lindbergh game


Check the other systems and their game titles, so you understand which machine TeknoParrot tries to run !


TeknoParrot "tries" to load games for Lindbergh,Ring Egde / Wide (2), Europa R, eX Board and Taito X / Nesica systems !!



I personally get better results with GameLoader All RH with Taito X / Nesica games.


You can use the latest version of Gameloader All RH.

It does not work ?

Fall back to version mentioned in this "manual" 

GameLoader All RH ?

GameLoader All RH can work in conjuction with TeknoParrot.

It can also load "problematic" games that TeknoParrot can not load at all or incorrectly.

I prefer Gameloader All RH, it runs the games at the correct resolution, without going "over the edge" like TeknoParrot does.

It has also a function called NesicaUnlocker, it removes the red "Nesica offline" messages and can unlock extra features of the game.


Just found this tool, read the readme file included.


Thanks @EmuAl


I use this inteface for my TaitoX /NESICAxLive games, works fine for the moment.


Leave question and comments in the proper thread if it is not GameLaoder ALL RH / NESICAxLIve  AND TeknoParrot combined usage related !






Files need by games for NESICAxLive / Taito X.


Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)


How to configure Gameloader All RH for games ?


Check this video !

So the files needed to run Taito / NesicsaXLive games with GameLoader All RH, are just a few.


In the game folder you will need:

Game Loader All RH.exe

Game Loader Config.exe

Game Loader Installer

iDmacDrv32.dll and / or iDmacDrv64.dll 

(sometimes a specific version for a specific game, as a example School of Ragnarok)

At the Gameloader All RH front page.

Search (ctrl+f) for the word school.


Correct me if I am wrong at this point !

In the root of C: a folder called RFID.

With RFIDGod.dll and RFIDGod_inject.exe in it.

And in the root of C: 

Back to the TeknoParrot Topic !

Once again, Intel and AMD IGPU's ,integrated graphics chips on the same die as the cpu will not work for TeknoParrot.

AMD video cards can become problematic, need patches for the games to work correctly.So it is recommended to use a NVIDIA chipset based videocard.


I hope that this tutorial helps other people out.

It takes you a few moments to read, but it took me all night to figure it out.

When you get the game working, thanks to this "manual", please give a thanks at this post.



Enjoy !

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didnt realise my video would be used so much.😎

thx lang i have been looking for these pages 

BudgieLoader is a part of TeknoParrot, specific to load Lindbergh arcade based games.

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