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[Tuto] ABC After Burner Climax: How to install

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After Burner Climax (Lindbergh)

Works "fine" on Window$ 10 (1803) with Teknoparrot 1.92








I installed a clean dump.

Game would not load.


Plane would not turn left.



Use this "vanilla" abc executable file and place it in abc/disk1, link TeknoParrot to this file.

Thanks to ssphaneuf


Thanks @bandicoot for the instructions in French. 

Merci mon ami !


Here the solution in English.


Set your settings for ABC in TeknoParrot, including test and service button.

Calibrate your joystick control in the service menu, then exit

Then edit the ABC.XML file in userprofiles.

Search for Analog 2 and change it to these settings.

      <InputMapping> Analog2 </ InputMapping> 
      <AnalogType> AnalogJoystick </ AnalogType> (here is the "joke" this line  must be deleted)
      <BindNameDi> Y - </ BindNameDi> 
      <BindName> Y - </ BindName>


Save the file and set it to READ ONLY.


DO NOT change the settings for ABC in TeknoParrot, while the ABC.xml file is in read only mode !

TeknoParrot will crash and will not start again, not even after a restart of your PC !!!

Remove abc.xml from the UserProfiles folder, to be able to start Teknoparrot  again.






Otherwise you could check this.

Thanks @Mounir





I hope that this tutorial helps other people out.

It takes you a few moments to read, but it took me all night to figure it out.

When you get the game working, thanks to this "manual", please give a thanks at this post.



And a BIG thanks for the people who originally uploaded the games, we all can enjoy (if you do it right) !!!

And of course all the people involved in, the game loaders and JVS I/O emulation applications we use, and all the people I "forgot".


Also look at the posts below, some members / people add helpful information, thank them also .....

Edited by linglang
Added instructions for fix so turning left works again
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Hello i got little help if i run this game i got unimplemented sound emulation api segaapi etc hot to fix this, version 1,90,192 ver emu ?

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Gros dossier j'arrivais pas a inversé l'axe Y et bien c'est tout bete

Configurer vos controles puis sauvegardez

ensuite éditer le fichier ABC.XML dans USERCONFIG


      <AnalogType>AnalogJoystick</AnalogType> (c'est ici la blague il faut supprimé reverse)

Ensuite pour eviter toute blague metter le fichier ABC.XML en lecture seul

Ce jeux est superbe avec un stick ForceFEEDBACK microsoft , j'ai contacter BOOMSLANG pour faire un plugin FFB de ce nom

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Hi All if I understand good for this working ggod

1°) Use the abc_org original (it's a pity that we can not use the one to patch in 1080p the game is much prettier)

it does not work with the file patched abc in 1080p ??? Someone tried?


2°) Edit the ABC.XML in USERCONFIG

      <AnalogType>AnalogJoystick</AnalogType> (c'est ici la blague il faut supprimé reverse)

Save the file and set it to READ ONLY


3°) Do the calibration in the test mode




from this passage you must first press the test mode key without touching the direction and then when you reach this screen you must:
- Make : up, down, left, right and press the test button mode
- Make : Up + Test Button Mode, Down + Test Button Mode, Left + Test Button Mode and Right + Test Button Mode



And to finish exit test mode


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downloaded vanilla abc org followed all instructions to the letter plane still wont turn left. only turns from centre to right

any help appreciated

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Ok it's good I finally understood and it works well thank you.
on the other hand it's just a pity that it does not work with the abc1080p because with the file abc_org the game is in basic resolution it's prettier in 1080p


for information the trick also works with the file in 1080p.
on the other hand the game is too fast sometimes I do not know if it is possible to slow it down

Edited by soso92

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Thank you. These tutorials of yours are very useful. When you read them you see that a little detail that you had overlooked after trying a hundred things saves you the game

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