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[Tuto] Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5, Including Versus play (LAN) setup, Extra car livery.


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Le 17/05/2021 à 16:08, J0nny0 a dit :

Is that the ES3 DX or the ES1 5DX+ Dump?


Le 17/05/2021 à 17:21, spiderzsoft a dit :

ES1 dump


Il y a 2 heures, Kinako a dit :

WMMT5_DX.png?width = 400&height = 225


mega:// enc2?ZSun9JBSx71ZKcr9Zuc0DKClfpWD8tpIQ331RgeqxZozM38WDzBCWK-P4YTcX_OdWeOeduxzJdbnFpeXOjdOAw


Hi Why do you say that WMMT5 dx + would be an ES1 (Linux) dump ????


Your explanations are not very clear, please specify them


Since the 1st wmmt5 of 2014 and until the last Wmmt6 R of 2019 it is indeed the Namco ES3 system which works with Windows 7






For information, friends managed to add new cars from WMMT5 dx + to wmmt5 game and it works.  If wmmt5 dx + was a game under ES1 (Linux) system as you say then it might not work while it is working.



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il y a 7 minutes, J0nny0 a dit :

U do know that the International Version uses ES1 right? That dump is not the JP release which uses ES3....


Indeed it is specified in this article



This is where the two versions were officially split up. The Japanese version of WMMT5 was running System ES3, and our version of WMMT5 was and still is currently running on System ES1. Because of this major difference in hardware, we were given an alternate version with limited content to satiate the international market for the time being. This is even referenced in the first English WMMT5 Future Lab written by series producer Kazuhiro Maeda:

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Le 12/17/2020 à 22:43, soso92 a dit :

HI le I don't have it but maybe you can try to use a video converter and convert the movie in higher 1080p

ca marche impec merci, j'ai tout réencodé en 2K en moins d'une heure,

j'ai gardé le bitrate et son d'origine mais j'ai upscale en 2560x1440+lancoz


queques infos pour ceux qui voudraient s'y essayer.


original Movies Info : WMV9 compatible WMV8, bitrate 30000, WMA sound 320.

pour tester, le plus simple c'est de reencoder la video d'intro (w5_d00.wmv) afin de verifier si l'encode a fonctionné,

/!\ sur 11 movies, 7 n'ont pas de son [les fichiers w5_ et l'ending]

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For some reason the game is now giving me a black screen when I start the race and a window pops up saying "wmn5r.exe disc not found there is no disc in drive\harddisk6" or w/e and it doesn't start, only the music plays.. It didn't do that before... :(

Why? What's the problem now?


Edit: To be more exact it says: "wmn5r.exe no disc - There is no disc in the drive - Insert disc in drive\Device\Harddisk6\DR6"

If I click dismiss or w/e it's called the game sometimes start, but in a window...

Any idea, anyone?

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Neon for WMMT5/DX+ can be added at offset 7C, use HXD editor, anyway I can't get Spot Neon for Red & Yellow











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Anyone happen to know how to fix this error?




This is WMMT5DX.  I just found out the files at Virusman is all messed up i keep trying to download the 5dx+ but they keep saying they are 5DX... Either way i have tried on both versions and both versions being with and without terminal and they both say E2212 Error


Ok i fixed it

The problem was getting stuck here



So I went into the 2nd option in test menu and I changed this to off (on the first screen they say this has to do with force feedback)




This caused a new error an E0712



Which I solved by turning off the first IC option in 2nd test menu option


 I then got a third error an E2301


Which you can guess by switching off the third option corrected all of my issues.






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