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DAYTONA USA 2019 HD Textures pack - 25th anniversary (Model2Emu or Nuexzz hack)

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Il y a 7 heures, stf999 a dit :

Sorry I won't have time for this.

At the moment my personnal goal is to redo what was too "personnal" to get a 100% respectful set of textures (hmm 95% lol).

This has been requested and I enjoy the challenge a lot

I'm actually working on the Hornet's HD dashboard :)


I have a nother question.

Virtua Striker will be able to change textures?

A dream to change the full kit, flag and team name one day.

Thanks. :)

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Yes of course, all the Model 2 games are retexturizable :)


If you want to start a project,

- Open the game with model 2 emu 1.1a in windowed mode then go to the option "Game" / "Dump texture cache".

- Repeat this at different moments of the game, to make sure you dump all the textures.

- Close (or not) the game.

- Open the TEXCACHE folder.

- With the .PNGs found in the folder you can start to create a .pat file (my DAYTONA.PAT file should be a good tutorial).

- To locate some difficult textures I used to paint them in green then looked for a green texture ingame (long task).

- Then internet + Photoshop, photoshop, photoshop, ... (looooong task).


... but as SUPERMODEL allows to play VS2 perfectly, I personnally won't touch Virtua Striker.


PS : je t'ai vu poster en français dans la shoutbox, alors n'hésite pas si tu es français à communiquer en french !

J'ai posté en anglais simplement parce que je n'avais pas réalisé au début que le forum était francophone lol.




Hornet Dashboard now in HD : PICTURE HERE


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