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wad VC : windjammers/Flying Power Disc

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je recherche le fichier .WAD virtual console de windjammers sur WII.


Apparement il était sur le shop japonais...mais a été retiré en 2013 je crois...


si vous avez celà dans vos cartons...merci


le nom japonais est "Flying Power Disc", jeu neo geo

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  1. How to increase the timer/Enable infinite credits on the Wii Virtual Console version of Windjammers.
  3. Increase timer:
  4. 1) Open Windjammers from the Wii menu.
  5. 2) When the game appears, you'll get a BIOS error message. This is normal, just press A or B to bypass it.
  6. 3) When the next screen appears, hold down A, B, X, and Start on the GCN controller at the same time. This will get you into the BIOS menu.
  7. 4) Go to the "Game SoftDip" settings. The first option that will appear is the Timer. Hold down B until you get it to show 99 seconds. Once you do that, press X to return to the BIOS menu.
  8. 5) Scroll down to "Play Game" and Press B to start.
  10. Infinite Credits:
  11. 1) After the game boots and you see the Windjammers title screen, press A, B, X, and Start once again. This will give you the In-Game settings.
  12. 2) Select "Cheats Database". This has all of the cheats for the game, i.e. Infinite Time, 3 Points changes to 99 Points, etc. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this menu, where you'll see "P1 AES Infinite Credits" and "P2 AES Infinite Credits". Enable both of these by pressing B. This is extremely important to turn on before starting, because if you don't and once you use all 4 credits, you'll have to reset the Wii console in order to continue.
  13. 3) Press X to close out of the cheats menu and In-Game settings.
  15. Once all that is done, press Start on Player 1's controller and have fun!

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