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Ian Micheal DC coder

Ian Micheal dreamcast coder

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hi ppl.. this the first time ive come out of  the void when i quit .. if you remember dreamcast or dcemulation you will remember me i coded over 120 programs ports emulators to dreamcast .. back in 2001 till 2004..  lot firsts i brought to dreamcast .. first ever neocd emulator for dreamcast..  first quake1 port with fullsaving and mod loading with pal ntsc . etc  also first ever fullspeed and  sound megadrive sega emulation on dreamcast gencast1.0  proper sound not the crap you hear, on the hack sega emulation pack.  >>> i like to say HI im alive and i love your website  first time ive come back to the interwebs since  2004.. some of you may remember me i invented the sga mame ports SDL game ports, etc NEOCD at the time 2003 on dreamcast  i was told dont bother cant be done by  all the coders.. i proved them wrong..  i dont get the Credit the code stealer chui gets it.. i ported neocd to dreamcast first..  im sick of seeing this  type make coder chui take all my work and call it neo4alll ..  im only on here because i love sega and the new teknoparriot emulation has brought me to life.. but i can still code for dreamcast hack sh4 compile katana wince kos, etc so pm. only with real  thing .. because im not cheap any more

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