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Hyperspin Cabs, Rocketlauncher emulator frontends.Custom Artwork.

Controls, Pcb boards.





Simply Austins Youtube channel:

Giga Guides:


ArcadePunks -

BYOAC website:


Led T-Moulding -


Best Arcade Shops: (I've Ordered stuff from these four shops! All were AAA Top Notch service.)


Ultimate examples of a few cabs:


The Retrocade Project:


Plans available on there site for DIY!!! Plexyglass Control panels.


Akishop Customs PS360+ PCB

Modify your DIY or current Control Panel to work with a variety of systems (Xbox 360, PS3 (with PS2 BC), Xbox 1, Dreamcast, PSX and PC) with Akishop Customs incredible PS360+ board.

PS360+ Features:

Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 (with PS2 BC), Xbox 1, Dreamcast, PSX and PC
support, smart-detection for all supported systems

USB Bootloader for firmware updates

Headset jack for Xbox LIVE. 2.5mm audio jack and JST connector
to choose from, JST connector compatible with SE and TE
headset cables)

Player LED support for Xbox 360, PS3 and Dreamcast (on-board
and external, cable NOT included)

USB "B" and RJ-45 jack with optional use of JST connectors

Software selected LS/DP/RS

LSB/RSB support

Forced Modes supported

Version 2.10

PCB size: 96.3mm x 45.3mm. Mounting holes: 88mm x 37mm


And here is a crazy must read article bout the Microsoft Xbox360 Controller:


Hardware hacker Christopher Tarnovsky just wanted to break Microsoft's grip on peripherals for its Xbox 360 game console. In the process, he cracked one of the most heavily fortified chips ever put into a consumer device.



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Custom Hyperspin Artwork and Tools:


My custom made 16:9 themes so far:

Teknoparrot download( Version 2 Fixed Background )

Initial D AAX 7 -!4r5RwaZY!RsYLqeDrwevBWWVEn3QNpBWvkoLGzMfVl2X6IbQHwI0

Initial D AAX7 V2 -

Initial D AA 6 -







The Tools:

Fotosizer -

Mofiki's Coordinate Finder -

Photoshop, GIMP or free Xnview -

Photoshop Pen Tool Fast Easy Tutorial -

Photoshop Pen tool Tutorial comprehensive Guide -

Hypertheme1.1 - Comes with Hyperspin Download -

Altova XMLSPY - The very best XML editor available. -

Video Convertor - Any will do.

Adobe flash or other flash tools.

Apply Dark13's NO_SCALE_SMOOTH script (PNG_to_SWF_dark13_NO_SCALE_SMOOTH.jsfl) to everything. This drastically improves the quality of the artwork on HD displays and effectively makes your theme fully HD. This script requires Adobe Flash CS6 or above.

Best in depth HyperTheme Tutorial I have seen on the whole net so far:

16:9 Hyperspin Special Artwork (at the bottom artwork)


How to use Fotosizer to get a 16:9 theme after using hypertheme1.1


Quick and dirty TUT:

Hypertheme 1.1 is really buggy so I just used it to get a roughin layout with the chosen flash actions. Then do all the editing and resizing with Photoshop or Xnview or whatever. Once you use Fotosizer then you dont want to put your theme back in hypertheme1.1 because it will resize it back to 4:3 again. So thats where Mofikis Coordinate Finder (Bad ass tool) comes in to make your final art location adjustments in the theme.xml file. X and Y positions on the screen. (Cheat: look at another 16:9 themes coordinates to get close) Hypertheme1.1 will also not allow you to resize artwork neither, only allows for resize video. Oh and the Video has to be FLV and all artwork has to be in .PNG format when you add it in Hypertheme1.1 . You can use pretty much any artwork to put the video inside of. Hence the file video.png erase it and have no frame. Learn the THEME.XML file and you can do everything from it! This was meant to be a quick and dirty TUT on making a basic hyperspin Default, Main Menu, System or Game theme for the themes that are not available yet or no themes were ever made. I was able to get all themes I needed off of a free account on hyperspin and Arcadepunks website and now I am finishing up making my own. Hyperspin can be a HUGE headache at first! Once you wrap your head around it, it is definatley the best emulator and arcade frontend available for free! (In my opinion) :very-good: Enjoy and have Fun!


* Use Fotosizer for artwork 1-4, For the background use 1920x1080 or higher then downsize that to 1024x768

   dont try to upscale artwork unless its vector or other format that allows for that.


* Turn the saturation up and play with the lighting and blending options can really make the graphics stand out.


* The trick to get the video right is in your theme.xml file, put "both" under keep aspect ratio!


* Go into Hyperspin HQ and turn Alpha Blending to 0 on all your wheels to keep them from showing through your themes, much cleaner that way!


Tips for getting videos:



Example Ringedge Introvid:


Copy/Paste youtube URL in Keepvid site, hit enter choose your desired quality 720p, 480p right click save taget as. Done

Best search querys: Game name - Intro vid, video snap, Official trailor.


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Four more unique 16:9 HD Hyperspin Themes:


Wakeboard Unleashed:






Atari Vault:





MX Nitro:





Sega Rally Revo:






These are actually fun and addicting to make! Time suckers though. Have fun and enjoy the unique themes only found here at Emuline! I could not find ANY of these themes on Hyperspin FREE forum if they are on the GOLD ftp account then I wouldn't know, cause I don't have a paid account!

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Elevator Action Death Parade Arcade 16:9 HD Hyperspin Theme:





Snow Moto Racing Freedom:




AaaaaAaaaAaaa Base Jumping - Pc




Elevator Action Deluxe - RPCS3 PS3 Emulator Game:





Coming Soon:

Race Driver Grid - Pc

Gas Guzzlers Extreme - Pc

Renegade Ops - Pc

Void Invaders - Pc

Scoregasm - Pc

The Golf Club 2 - pc

World Series Surfing - Pc

Crimsonland - Pc

Kick Ass Commandos - Pc

Major League Baseball 2K12 - Pc

Typhoon 2001 - Pc





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