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  1. Heavy Fire: Afghanistan - Fixes and lightgun support

    Non, utilise DemulShooter. Argon et moi avons travaille ensemble pour que les deux Heavy Fire marchent avec DemulShooter
  2. Heavy Fire: Afghanistan est un super jeu de tir type arcade sur rail. Malheureusement il a un probleme et oblige a deconnecter les joysticks si vous jouez tout seul, et ne marche pas avec les lightguns aimtrack. Voici la solution! 1. Copy all the files in your game folder. 2. dinput8.dll fixes the joysticks issue. With it, no need to unplug your joysticks anymore 3. Patch your .exe (Patch is made for heavyfire3.exe with MD5 3f49951ae8232817a91ef5503374d6b3 ): xdelta3.exe -d -s HeavyFire3.exe patch.bin HeavyFire3-patched.exe 4. Make sure you right click injector.exe and allow it to run as administrator 5. Edit config.txt and set the width and height to the same values that you are using in the game 6. Launch with run.bat During game with aimtrack: - To use left cover: aim left side of the screen then keep middle mouse button pressed (left button on my aimtrack. ) - To use right cover: aim right side of the screen then keep middle mouse button pressed (left button on my aimtrack) - To use bottom cover: aim bottom side of the screen then keep middle mouse button pressed (left button on my aimtrack) - To jump over: aim top side of the screen then use middle mouse button (left button on my aimtrack) - To exit cover: release middle mouse button This only support one player for now. Hopefully Argon can help with the two player support :D Heavy Fire Afghanistan.7z
  3. No need of video, can you give us a list maybe from the files or config or directory, just so that to get an idea of supported PC games?
  4. Can someone share the list of PC games supported by this "No Shits All Hits" list?
  5. Bug Butcher est un super jeu type arcade que je viens juste de decouvrir. C'est un super jeu inspire par Pang, mais different avec une tres bonne bande son. [Hidden Content]
  6. [Titre] Fantasy Strike [Lien Achat] [Hidden Content] [Lien Video]
  7. Hide Mouse Cursor in Games and Emulators

    Plein de jeux PC et d'emulateurs ou loaders ne cachent pas le pointeur de la souris. Pour y remedier utilisez nomousy: [Hidden Content] 1. En ligne de commande ou dans votre script pour cacher le pointeur: nomousy.exe /hide 2. Lancez votre jeu/loader/emulateur 3. Pour faire reapparaitre le pointeur de la souris: nomousy.exe (oui sans options) 4. Tuez le processus sinon ca marche pas de script en script: taskkill /im nomousy.exe /f
  8. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.186) | Arcade PC

    Not going to defend the indefensible, but doing small upgrades is a good engineering practice. Because Teknoparrot is so flakky, it is actually a very good thing that they make small upgrades. It makes it easier to identify what broke what and when more easily, making it easier to fix stuff. Imagine they pack 100 changes in one upgrade, and those break a lot of things (as usual), it is hard to find what broke what. With smaller increments in theory you can zero in on the issue and fix it sooner. It also helps prepare for the next big upgrade reducing risk of breaking things with the next upgrade. That is all in theory assuming good engineering practice for a robust software with decent QA. I am not sure what is the testing process for TP is, but whatever it is needs improvement. The amount of stuff breaking with every "upgrade" is very weird, and the lack of fixes for long standing issues is very disappointing. Now at the same time we should be all thankful for the dumps becoming public thanks to TP, and hope that one day all of this stuff will get fixed, then it could be a very great emulator. I am not holding my breath though, still waiting for Afterburner to work properly.
  9. Shader CRT Multifonction : "Kick-ass looking games"

    Bienvenue au club, maintenant tous les jeux pixelises sans shaders sont horribles :D
  10. [PC] Shoot'Em Up Recommendations

    Risk System est innovant et tres joli quand on y ajoute les shaders CRT ([Hidden Content])
  11. Super shoot'em up avec une mecanique tres innovante. Tres recommande: [Hidden Content]
  12. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5.2

    MohkerzLoaderz-Public- Description Mohkerz Loaderz is another arcade game loader called after my friend Mohkerz because without him this loader would not exist. It will always be entirely free (no Patreon ever), and source code will always be fully open. This is not meant to be better than other loaders, it is just meant to be an open alternative to the current closed loaders. The loader will focus on quality instead of quantity. This is a very early minimal release only supporting Fast and Furious Drift, Ford Racing Full Blown, Mario Kart Arcade GP DX 1.0, Operation Ghost, and Sega Rally 3 for now. More games and more features might come if we have enough time. Credits Mohkerz Ducon2016 Manson976 for the logo Games supported Fast and Furious Drift Ford Racing Full Blown Mario Kart Arcade GP DX 1.0 Operation Ghost Sega Rally 3 How to use 1. Right click MohkerzLoaderz.exe => Properties => Compatibility tab => Make sure "Run this program as administrator" is turned on 2. Edit MohkerzLoaderz.ini or create a new .ini file 3. Run in command line: MohkerzLoaderz.exe NameOfYourConfig.ini Greetings Everyone we talk to on a regular basis on Emuline and 1CC discord Argon Le Fou Boomslang Dendy FlyBit Houb Manson License The loader is provided as is, and we take no responsibility whatsoever for anything that would happen if you use it. If you have any issue or are not happy with a feature: either do not use the loader, or help us improving it by taking part in the coding effort and share it back with the community. The code and loader can be considered public domain, so do whatever you want with it as long as it is legal. Controls Read Readme.txt for more information History 0.5.2 - 2018/11/08 - Mario Button working in menus for MKDX1.0 0.5.1 - 2018/10/22 - A minor fix for MKDX1.0 when you let all the options time out 0.5 - 2018/10/14 - Added Mario Kart Arcade GP DX 1.0 0.4 - 2018/07/01 - Added OG 0.3 - 2018/06/25 - Added FRFB 0.2 - 2018/06/20 - Added configuration file support, and SR3 support without need for inpout32.dll 0.1 - 2018/06/11 - First release only supporting FFD
  13. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    Combate Monero
  14. Collection de patchs

    Il commence a y avoir plein de patchs qui trainent, donc je me suis dis que ca pourrait etre une bonne idee de tous les avoir a un seul endroit. A utiliser avec NoobPatcher ([Hidden Content]) Dans l'esprit opensource, tous ces patchs sont en texte lisible par des humains, ouvrez les fichiers .NoobDiff avec un editeur de texte. L'idee est que ces patchs aideront les interesses a comprendre comment certains trucs marchent, et peut etre les aideront a ameliorer les patchs ou a en faire de nouveaux. Si vous avez d'autres patchs que vous voulez partager envoyez les et je les ajouterai a l'archive. Download here: Patches.7z [PC] AirStrike 3D 1.70: Fix loading crash Break Arts II Fix mouse stuck in the menus. Make it possible to navigate menus with mouse. Ether Vapor Remaster: Removed update check and dialog box Future Pinball 1.9.1: Hide splash screen Future Pinball Physics 2.5: Hide splash screen Future Pinball Physics 2.7: Hide splash screen Pac-Man Battle Royale / Pac-Man Museum: Skip splash screens, video, title screen, menus and boot directly into Battle Royale (see [Hidden Content]) Split Second: 60 FPS patch removing the 30 FPS limiter and enabling game to run at 60hz, also fixes physics to ensure physics and power plays work [Nesica] Akai Katana Shin: Remove Nesica offline logo and error text Aquapazza: Remove Nesica offline logo and error text Chaos Code 2.11: Remove Nesica offline logo and error text Do Not Fall: Remove Nesica offline logo and error text Hyper Street Fighter 2: Remove Nesica offline logo and error text Ikaruga: Remove Nesica offline logo and vtext Puzzle Bobble: Remove Nesica offline logo and error text Strania: Remove Nesica offline logo and error text [Taito TTX] KoF MIRA: Fix Windows 10 loading crash Wacky Races: Fix long wait for network [RingEdge] Operation Ghost: Make it possible to play in fullscreen 1024x600 (see [Hidden Content]) Let's Go Island: Make it possible to play in fullscreen 1980x1080 stretched but internal rendering is still 1024x600 (see [Hidden Content])
  15. [PC] Shoot'Em Up Recommendations

    Je viens juste de decouvrir "Shooty Skies" tres sympa et gratuit (oui gratuit!) sur steam
  16. Collection de patchs

    Le patch de Nesica Unlocker vient de moi aussi, donc celui la devrait marcher. Viens discuter sur discord, tu as du faire un erreur de manip.
  17. Oui pour Deadstorm. Pour corriger " Sur DeadStorm Pirates les tirs passent à travers les ennemis." il suffit d'activer Write Color Buffers pour deadstorm.
  18. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    DOA5 - dinput8.dll 32 bits - FilterOtherPads=1, FakeXInputPads=1, HookFastProx=1, SetPropertySuccess=1, DisableDI8Keyboard=1
  19. Download here, source code is included: x360kb-v12.7z === WHAT IS x360kb? === x360kb is the all in one solution to play games that would need a joystick when you only have a keyboard. The games will believe you are playing with x360 pads, but you will only use your keyboard. === DETAILS === 1. x360kb is an improved alternative to the excellent original x360kb by PKT ([Hidden Content]) emulating up to 4 pads with improvements like blocking keys, x64 support and many more. 2. x360kb is an alternative to VJoy ([Hidden Content]). You can simulate Direct Input joysticks with x360kb without the need to install VJoy nor its drivers and devices on your machine, you can also block keys the same way VJoy does. 3. x360kb is an alternative to combining x360ce ([Hidden Content]) and VJoy for XInput Games. 3. x360kb is an alternative to dinput8.dll blocker ([Hidden Content]) and it works with x64 too. You can block Direct Input devices with x360kb so that they do not conflict with the ones you are simulating, and the original dinput8.dll blocker did not have an x64 version so x360kb is the only option for x64 games. 4. x360kb is an alternative to the Atelier DirectInput8 keyboard remapper ([Hidden Content]) 5. x360kb is an alternative to AutoHotkey ([Hidden Content]). You can remap keys and exit the game with key presses without having to write tedious scripts. And it works with more games than AutoHotkey including DInput8 games 6. x360kb includes an experimental wheel type control for arcade games hardcoded to use a wheel in menus. Just use the keys you mapped to the wheel while in game menus, and use the analog sticks emulated while driving. 7. x360kb is an alternative to NoMousy ([Hidden Content]board/topic/2083-nomousy-disablehide-your-mouse-pointer-cmd/). You can hide the mouse cursor and it will be automatically restored when closing the app with the close key 8. x360kb is an alternative to TaskBar Hider ([Hidden Content]). You can hide the taskbar and it will be automatically restored when closing the app with the close key === BUILD HISTORY === 1. [v1] Nouveau build avec fonctions manquantes. New build with added missing functions from original x360kb. 2. [v1] Fix du crash sur certains jeux et steam. Fix of crashes with some games and steam in the original x360kb. 3. [v1] Sans dinput qui reduit les problemes dans certains jeux. Removed dinput dependency from original x360kb to increase compatibility with games. 4. [v1] Build x64 pour les jeux en 64 bit. Original x360kb did not have a x64 build, now there is one. 5. [v2] Meilleure compatibilite avec les jeux Unity (XInputGetStateEx est implemente maintenant). Better support for Unity. 6. [v3] Possibilite de bloquer les touches comme VJoy pour ne pas que le jeu reagisse deux fois a la meme touche. Mettre BlockKeys=1 dans x360kb.ini. Ability to block keys like Vjoy. 7. [v4] Option pour fermer l'application avec une touche. Mettre CloseProcess=1 dans x360kb.ini et changez CloseKey=Esc par la touche que vous voulez utiliser. You can now close the app with a key if you want. 8. [v4] Supporte DirectInput 8 maintenant, donc plus besoin d'utiliser VJoy! Il suffit juste de copier dinput8.dll et x360kb.ini dans le repertoire de votre jeu et voila! Supports dinput8.dll, making it possible to simulate pads without vjoy! Thanks to the amazing Xidi ([Hidden Content]) 9. [v5] Supporte DirectInput normal maintenant donc plus besoin de Vjoy! Utilisez dinput.dll dans les jeux qui conviennent. Supports dinput.dll, making it possible to simulate pads without needing vjoy. Thanks to the amazing Xidi ([Hidden Content]) 10. [v5] Option pour cacher tout les autres joysticks dinput mettre FilterOtherPads=1 dans x360kb.ini qui permet de rendre compatible avec bien plus de jeux. Option to hide all other dinput/dinput8 controllers, making it more compatible with games grabbing the first available controllers. 11. [v6] Option pour entierement desactiver dinput8 pour les jeux utilisants le premier joystick dinput trouve avant ceux xinput comme Gravel par example, aussi utile pour ne pas avoir de conflicts entre Vjoy et x360kb: BlockDirectInput8=1 . Option to block all dinput8 joysticks when you want the game to use the xinput joysticks instead, for games like Gravel picking whatever comes first, or to reduce conflicts between Vjoy and x360kb. No need to use a dinput8.dll blocker dll anymore. 12. [v7] Merged BlockDirectInput8 option into FilterOtherPads. FilterOtherPads=1 will hide Direct Input joysticks whether you use direct input or xinput. 13. [v7] Added key remapper. Making it possible to remap keys without the need for Autohotkey or Atelier remapper 14. [v7] Experimental wheel emulator for games which UI was designed to be navigated with a wheel 15. [v8] Fixed edge case where x360kb would hog CPU when the app using xinput or dinput would not use a windows loop. 16. [v8] Added option to hide mouse cursor 17. [v8] Added option to hide taskbar 18. [v9] Added more RawInput filtering options, increasing compatibility with Unity games 19. [v10] Added automatic take over of other xinput libraries in memory for games loading multiple versions of xinput at once 20. [v11] Improved hide cursor option to hide loading cursor state 21. [v11] Improved Joystick detection for games loading both dinput8 and xinput libraries. Sometimes the games detect joysticks with dinput8 before leveraging xinput. Few options: use dinput8.dll and try a combination of HookAllXInputDLLs, FilterOtherPads, HookFastProx. Or use xinput dll and try a combination of FilterOtherPads, FakeXInputPads and HookFastProx. 22. [v12] Supporte winmm.dll maintenant. Supports winmm.dll now. Thanks to the amazing Xidi ([Hidden Content]) 23. [v12] Fixes to the dinput integration to enable more games compatibility Pour utiliser: 1. Verifiez si votre jeu est x86 ou x64 2. Copiez tout les fichiers du repertoire dll ou dll-64 dans le meme repertoire que votre .exe 3. Editez x360kb.ini avec les touches que vous voulez utiliser 4. Lancez votre jeu. Si ca marche vous devriez entendre un bip windows
  20. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    Guilty Gear X2 - dinput8.dll 32 bits - BlockRawInput=1, FilterOtherPads=1 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign - xinput1_3.dll 32 bits - BlockRawInput=1, HookAllXInputDLLs=1 Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator - xinput1_3.dll 32 bits - BlockRawInput=1 King of Fighterx XIV - xinput1_4.dll 64 bits - BlockRawInput=1
  21. La liste de jeux que j'ai teste qui marchent tres bien et a 60fps avec le dernier Xenia 1942 Joint Strike Aces of the Galaxy Arkanoid Live! Beat'n Groovy Bomberman LIVE Boom Boom Rocket BUBBLE BOBBLE Neo! Burgertime World Tour Burnout CRASH! Dash of Destruction Death Tank Diner Dash Dungeon Fighter LIVE Frogger2 Gel Ginga Force Lode Runner Missile Command Phineas And Ferb Quest For Cool Stuff Puddle Rumble Roses XX Swarm
  22. @Houb You can update your list. Mamorokun and Under Defeat HD run perfectly at 60FPS without Color Buffers with the new KD-11 build with GPU Scaling disabled in the debug options. And finally Dead Storm renders fine on my NVidia card too and close to 60PFS on my crappy PC, so pretty good progress.
  23. [PC] Racing Recommendations

    Dangerous Driving
  24. [PC] Racing Recommendations

    [Titre] Redout: Enhanced Edition [Lien Achat]: [Hidden Content] [Lien Video]: