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  1. MEMU - Play Android on PC

    Aie c'est lent. Je voulais un truc qui lance les apps Android nativement. Il y avait un emulateur Android avant qui faisait ca mais il ne marche plus bien il a ete abandonne. Dommage.
  2. MEMU - Play Android on PC

    Il prends combien de temps a booter?
  3. Hi there mate check this video link on youtube. My very first youtube video testing out split second with your patch installed! Kindly like the video. I don't know youtube has compressed my video terribly and it's not running at 60 fps. Although it should.

    1. ducon2016


      where is the link?

  4. [PC] Racing Recommendations

    Not download links, links to game information or video. If not we need to search everything on our own. I recommend links on steam :D
  5. [PC] Racing Recommendations

    Please add links with all your posts :D
  6. Hey, i wanna play AfterBurner:Climax on the RPCS3 on the new build. I cannot get it to run. Can you share your RPCS3 settings for AB Climax?

  7. It is listed on the first page at the bottom of the first post Raystorm HD (NPJB00034) => Resolution 1920x1080 / GPU Texture Scaling OFF / Strict Rendering Mode Scott Pilgrim vs. The World : The Game (NPEB00258) => Resolution 1920x1080 / Disable Vertex Cache Short Peace : Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day (BLES02007) => PPU Decoder : Interpreter (fast)
  8. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Really great work my friend! Glad it is finally public, what a great first release :D
  9. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.4

    Read the readme.txt, it tells you how to edit gs2.ini properly
  10. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    Your link does not work. What is it?
  11. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    Thank you. PKT is the original creator ( [Hidden Content] And he deserves all the accolades. He had a very good idea. I just took over and made minor improvements. Still many to come.
  12. Le support FFB arrive bientot...
  13. Tu pourrais partager des informations ou plan pour construire cette beaute? J'ai montre a mes gosses et on aimerait bien faire la meme chose a la maison. Ma femme va surement dire non mais
  14. Merci le houb. Ketsui quoi de different avec la version arcade/mame?
  15. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.53 HF) | Arcade PC

    No he is right in three ways: 1. TP does stuff no other loader does right now: Online and Bananapass are example of that. I personally would not spend time on such features, that is why I make everything open source in case someone will. But the probability of this happening are small. And no idea what are the plans of others 2. TP supports lots of games no one else support yet 3. TP is ahead of the curve. They got access to dumps no one else has, so clearly they are at least 6 months to 1 year ahead of the rest. Without TP may be we would not have had access to many games. The thing I do not understand is why Reaver mentions competition when there is no competition yet. JConfig is amazing but supports only games that have been for 9+ months in TP, aside from School of Ragnarok. And my loader is 3 years behind at least. Plus no one will touch Lindbergh, so really we are not even worth being mentioned in a video :D