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  1. Loader Dumps Arcade

    @Onkel posted this loader that I did not know about, so sharing it here for the record [Hidden Content] I like the clean and simple UI, and clear key mapping
  2. You can try to edit MaDead\BppGame\Config\DefaultInput.ini and try to map leap actions to keys to see if it works. @dorminirko @luffytam might be able to help, they did similar stuff for LLA
  3. Don't dream. This is very likely a one off. The name says it all MAGI(cians)De(ad)IO.dll as you can guess, it is very specific
  4. Here it the first version, full source code included: MAGEIO-v1.7z Make sure you backup your original MAGIDEIO.dll, then just extract the one from the attached archive into MaDead\BppGame\Binaries\Win64\MAGIDEIO.dll Hard coded keys for now: 1,2,3,4,5,6 for the buttons 1,2,3,4,5,6. Tab for Start. WASD for the directions.
  5. Success!!!! I have been lucky again
  6. Thanks to my good friend FlyBit, I made some progress yeah
  7. Yes same here. Made my own, just reversing is hard without the real hardware to track the handshake and values order, but it is doable just boring and time consuming. Even the keyboard works as a joystick already, only the GetUSBIOInputPressed needs to be handled. Three main ways, remap the unreal script, emulate magideio, or redirect usbio to other inputs. Looking at the easiest/fastest. Whoever gave you this has been ahead, looks like they had it working for months already. So it might take me time to catch-up, do not expect any fast results. Every game is not as lucky as Lost Land Adventure or Daytona :D
  8. Yes that is one of the things I have been looking at
  9. This does nothing, just makes the game believe that Nesica is working. But it is NOT, it was just in progress patch that I used to debug. That is why I did not share it, it is a distraction.
  10. Yes I got that, but it does not help unfortunately. Here is the patch info below if you want to try, but again, it does not seem to help.
  11. I tried to add jconfig it does not work for the I/O out of the box. You need to add the import with CFF Explorer to your .exe. Putting the dll in the folder does not do anything. But again it does NOT work as is.
  12. Do not run RS Launcher. Run the game executable directly.
  13. ICE Arcade Restore Discs

    Not useless, I am willing to work on the Ghostbusters thingy when I am done with the Magician game
  14. ICE Arcade Restore Discs

    Cool. Then that is the real deal. Although if there is a dongle protection, we need the pros to look at it first.
  15. ICE Arcade Restore Discs

    Wow, if it is that is an awesome drop. I guess I really need to start my elf loader, or wait for Reaver to release his