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  1. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    Seems like people have had the same problem with x360ce and got it to work with xinput9_1_0.dll ([Hidden Content]). Can you try that?
  2. Essaye Clocks scale: 50 pour Resogun
  3. Cette option debloque Les jeux bloques a 30fps. Cela ne rends pas ta machine plus rapide.
  4. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    Do you hear a beep when the game starts? If not Remove the xinput dll and put the x64 version of xinput9_1.dll
  5. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    Did you try what I told you? Show me a screenshot for your .exe folder
  6. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    As the text says winmm.dll lol
  7. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    The game folder. NOT in the windows folder!
  8. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    I think this is an unreal game (sorry I do not have it and not a fan of the MK series). So find the real .exe in the folders (not the one at the root), then put the x64 version for xinput1_3.dll and the x360kb.ini in the same folder. Launch that .exe directly. Works for me on all Unreal games. You might have to remove the keys assigned to the dpad if not in the menus when you go up or down it goes down by 2 instead of 1.
  9. [Hidden Content] But you do not need to understand what it means. Just change the line in the config file. In the config file it is "Vblank Rate: 60" change to "Vblank Rate: 120"
  10. Yes try it, it is amazing. It makes those games even better than on the original PS3!
  11. @Houb Moondiver, Resgun and Rush'n'Attack are even better running at 60fps!!!! 1. create a custom config, 2. edit with a text editor and change Vblank Rate: 60 to Vblank Rate: 120
  12. It is not impossible at all. Mohkerz just needs a dongle. I am sure as soon as he will get the dongle he will be able to deal with it very easily. But I also trust him when he says that without dongle you cannot do it.
  13. Seriously @Mohkerz does not need anyone to defend him, but we need to all cool down and reflect. 1. Mohkerz cannot explain to anyone how to crack / hack a game. This is not a science, every game is different, and different systems require very different approaches. Nesica and TTX are exception to the rule 2. Let's not blow our egos and believe we are entitled to ask anyone anything. Seriously you are asking a highly busy, highly motivated, highly skilled individual to do what "you" want. Let me tell you that kind of people have a lot of stuff on their plate that might be more important 3. He is right. For Hasp protected shit you need a dongle. You need hardware to decrypt Ringedge stuff too, same for many other systems. Try to decrypt and deprotect the Transformers exe without anything. Good luck! For other things having the real hardware helps, believe me emulating an API is way easier when you have access to the original. If not you need to do what I have done for MKDX and find other ways to make things work. 4. He has done I/O for many games before, so what is your complaint here? 5. Batman is a windows game. If you download the protected archives, unpack them, you will see it is Windows You do nice tutorials, great. Mohkerz do nice cracks and loaders, great. Everyone can do great stuff, backstabbing each other on the forums is not great and not productive. Let's just enjoy ourselves, this is just games at the end of the day.
  14. Shader CRT Multifonction : "Kick-ass looking games"

    Share screenshots please. I am interested, so I can look into it, but need to understand better :D
  15. Shader CRT Multifonction : "Kick-ass looking games"

    Can you share a CRT screenshot with and without gaussian so that we understand how it improves the result?