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  1. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5

    Yes, for example for MKDX1.0 the save is offline and located on your computer, not online. It is much smaller and requires less resources sitting at 20KB :D At the same time the loader is very early and small, so it only supports 5 games right now and it is not as configurable for now. Just try it :D
  2. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5

    0.5.1 is up with a minor fix for MKDX1.0 when you let all the options time out during the continue screens.
  3. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5

    Just updated new version 0.5 with support for Mario Kart Arcade GP DX 1.0. Do not ask for 1.1, I do not intend on supporting it for a couple of months. I should have released this a long time ago, but was very busy and got injured, so better late than never. The reason why I added support for 1.0 is three fold: TP stopped supporting it in the UI recently and felt it could be useful to have it open sourced (this was before OpenParrot was created), 1.0 and save did not work great in TP before, and I just wanted to show that it is possible to make the game work including save and Banapass with very small and simple code. I know the purists will prefer emulation to patching, but I do not have access to the original hardware or anything that could help me reverse quicker, so patching can still be a decent approach. 20KB without any optimization for size for a loader is not too bad :D I will rewrite my own JVS at some point to streamline inputs, but patching is fun so far :D
  4. Yes you can play it with a regular simulated PS3 pad (whatever you map in RPCS3 to a dualshock 3), but the guns do not shoot in game. If you press the right trigger, the skeletons are not hit for some reason. What options do you use to make it work? Also the game does not run at 60FPS for me, it is relatively heavy CPU wise.
  5. [Emu W.I.P] Yuzu: Premier émulateur de Nintendo Switch

    C'est egalement la console qui pour moi a les meilleurs jeux a l'heure actuelle, meme si certains sont des recyclages ameliores de la WiiU.
  6. [FIX] Chaos Legion Broken Textures

    You are welcome :D
  7. [FIX] Chaos Legion Broken Textures

    Sorry, not sure what is happening. It works for me as shown in the screenshot. You can see the textures are fixed and dgVoodoo is running. Try to copy D3DImm.dll and DDraw.dll from dgVoodoo2_55_3\MS to the game folder. Here is what I have all in the same folder as ChaosLegion.exe: d3d8.dll (the one from the post above) D3D8-chained.dll (it was d3d8.dll from dgVoodoo2_55_3\MS that I renamed) D3DImm.dll DDraw.dll If it does not work, can you try by setting all dgVoodoo options to default.
  8. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    Malgres les critiques je viens d'essayer Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite et je le trouve bien mieux que ce que disent les critiques. Graphiquement tres bien fait, il merite d'etre dans votre collection de jeux de tatane :D
  9. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    Ils viennent de confirmer que la version PC arrive bientot car ils ont pas trop vendu sur PS4. [Hidden Content]
  10. [FIX] Chaos Legion Broken Textures

    Sorry for the delay I was traveling, and have been super busy. Also damaged my knee last week, so had to rest. Anyways here is a dll for you to try 1. Copy this dll in the game folder 2. Rename your dgvoodoo2 d3d8.dll to d3d8-chained.dll, and put d3d8-chained.dll in the game folder Run the game, it will load my dll which fixes the textures sizes, and will load dgvoodoo2 dll instead of the system one, this should create a chain fixing your issue. Please let me know if it does not work, but also let us know if it works. d3d8-loadingDgVodoo2.7z
  11. [PC] Racing Recommendations

    V-Rally 4. Quelle claque! Encore plus joli que Gravel qui etait deja magnifique, mode deux joueurs split-screen, et courses mode V-Rally avec plusieurs voitures en meme temps sur la piste comme au bon vieux temps de Sega Rally. C'est mon nouveau jeu de Rally prefere sur PC, vivement recommande!
  12. Hi there,

    Recently i got a comment on my You tube video which showcased your "60 fps" patch for Split Second Velocity and it stated that using this patch the car turns very "slowly" to the right or left and is not as fluid as it is in the original unpatched game.

    In order to test the commentator's claim i played the game myself today and was surprised to notice that his claims were actually quite true!

    Can you kindly look into the issue and see if it can be fixed?


    Many thanks!

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    2. ducon2016


      Someone else brought this to my attention. Will check it out, but super busy right now. So might take me a couple of weeks

    3. ark216


      Thanks man! i'll bug you again in a couple of weeks :very-good: as a reminder.

    4. ducon2016


      I feel much better, recovering from my injury. I will look at it tomorrow.

  13. Neo Geo Full set roms

    Some of those are playable on dreamcast, but Razion would be awesome if anyone has it. I have never seen it and you cannot buy it anywhere anymore.
  14. J'essaye d'aider mais si tu continues avec x360ce alors que je te dis d'essayer sans, je ne peux pas plus t'aider. Derniere tentative: 1. N'utilises pas x360ce, 2. Utilise Daytona_Patch(XInput working+nocrash).7z poste sur la premiere page, 3. efface les dlls xinputs