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  1. Fyi com on baby isnt remotely a type x title. ntiher is Ah2 3 2.6 or demon bride they are exboard titles, later on they where ported to the x2 on the nxl platform however dumps for both exist. odeminous is a konmai pc board type 2 game.
  2. If only you could run the official release, oh my but you can thank him for the me stopping development on any bug-fixes, and various other things related to my work
  3. Just to Clarify, Dont seek help form the official attract mode channel, as I will ever zero support for a hack of my work. But if you happen to use the official version then maybe some help can be provided
  4. PS one married 2 the only thing wrong was a spelling error in the word living cuz i was typing on a phone.
  5. say thank you? he was using my logos and background images i dumped and made so why would i think him for making something id easily be able to make if i wanted 2?
  6. Your option is moot when you gladly support people who have stolen work form others for profit and bootleg for a leving. also theres no room for modfied dumps, when if you properly emulate things they dont need to be modfied to run.
  7. Why put an Xzero, hardware image on games that are designed to run on an X1 or X2 lol.
  8. This dickhead has done more for arcade preservation then you ever will, and small things like that DO matter, because false information breads false information key point show me a "clean" download of street fighter 4 AE, that hasn't been patched to remove the need for a crypserver Short answer is it was lost to time, and all the commonly downloaded versions are of course the HACKED/patched one rather then the original files. So your "arcade" dump is literally using console stage data, due to those original files being mislabeled, and never hosted, Iv some what corrected this with some titles, but that's not the point because 1.1 is still missing. thus having games wrongly labeled will lead to confusion as some titles where released on multiple systems, It would be completely different if they where lumped into singular archives, like SEGA ect But when you specify them as X and Y you come off as at least knowing what your talking About when thats clearly not the case.
  9. Beacuse wikipedia is never worng [Hidden Content] that was super hard to google page 73 You can see the back of the pcb its a linbreg on top of the fact Iv literally owned and sold 6 of these cabs.
  10. You need to fix half your game lables are worng, with titles on the WORNG system and labled incorrecty For instance FordRacing is LINDBERGH BLUE not a ringedge nor ringwide game Under TTX2, Battlegear pro 4 tuned professional 2010 IS NOT dumped the 2 dumps of battlegear are the x+ ones. aka Battle-gear 4 pro tuned, and battle-gear 4 this is just 2 examples of ALOT of mislabels.
  11. umm no your a retard, the nesica versions have backgrounds. [Hidden Content] and they autorotate, but please tell me how it works, if your going to try and correct someone, be right
  12. I still like despite me meming the fact theres more jvs loaders, then the ones listed, the 1st post hasnt been updated lol.
  13. You clearly havent, beacuse no where in the readme of fucking idmac 1.5 dose it say to use rfidgod inject, that alone proves you didnt read shit. To run the games, they depend on 3 external programs. Run the programs below separately OR select the options in JConfig. NOTE: Don't use both at the same time! - RFiDGod.dll - Copy the dll file to the C:\RFiD - Run the RFIDGod_inject.exe inside the game folder. or - Select the RFiD Emulation option. - Nesysservice.exe - Run the Nesysservice.exe -app command or - Select the Nesys Emulation option. - Cryptserver.exe - Run the command Cryptserver.exe <path of key.key> or - Select the Crypserver Emulation option and leave the key in the game directory. NOTE2: Not all programs are required, see table below. Games that have no instruction, run directly from the executable. Wait i select the options in jconfig and run the game directly form the game.exe no fuckin way
  14. stop having downsydrome, read the readme and use idmac 1.5