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  1. So they're "thieves"... 'stealing your money', even though it's fully your decision to be a Patreon. I hope you know how stupid that sounds - painting this out to be Reaver is breaking into homes stealing people's money. You might want to look up some definitions to words before using them. And sorry every game released doesn't work perfectly immediately - if it was that easy, why don't you give it a shot? Secondly, there's plenty of exclusive games atm that provide plenty of value to the measly $5 a month contribution. So the thought of "theft" here is ridiculous. If you don't want that stuff just stop your patreon, it's that easy. Thirdly, have you tried to troubleshoot this? Looks like your passing in a bad argument. Have others had any issues? Before you start crying and trying to wrongly make out the loader team as a bunch of thieves, why don't you try to be proactive, solve the problem to the best of your ability and if there's no way to resolve yourself, then log a defect for the team to investigate and fix. That's how all of this works.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Anyone try these? I assume they're working and safe.
  3. 11:35 AM] Reaver: hello paizanos [11:35 AM] Reaver: anyone with AMD can confirm SnoCross works? Can someone with AMD confirm SnoCross does/does not work for them, so I can report back? Thanks.
  4. Yeah, I get that. Sorry, there's just so much weird negativity (on the loader's actual thread), it's bizarre. They took time off in the summer, they're back and a new (cool imo) game added (will be fixed shortly) and just getting back into the swing of things. Would be good just to see more support for one of the last thing's that giving us playable arcade games. 1cc is shutdown, moekertz is gone, i don't see ANY new arcade games getting playable via other loaders. It's scary. That leaves us with just TeknoParrot (seriously), which is why I'm motivated to show some love and hopefully have a strong community around it to support it and keep it going. The vibe here vs. the TP discord is completely different which is why I'm always taken back by the negativity here. I will agree, they do need to un-Patreon things asap. They're up to 4-5 now and it has been several months. Time to get a couple new things playable and then open up the older ones to everyone. Let see how the next month goes.
  5. Yep, go follow all the other arcade loaders that are spitting out new playable games every 3 days. Oh wait, TP is the ONLY one doing ANYTHING right now. No one is forcing you to follow, use or donate to the project, so no idea what's up with the complaining and moaning and being negative. What is it with this place?...everyone just like to bitch that TP hasn't made every arcade game playable at this point. Where are these expectations coming from?!
  6. Please see you next year. It was summer break for most of the emu devs out there. Now they're back to work, chill. So many ungrateful, entitled people in this place. What other arcade games were made playable this summer? Yeah, that's right. Anyway...just so everyone is aware Reaver posted this: "Also coffeeman is fixing snocross, eta unknown". So hang tight, be patient...I know that's hard for some of you but the team is aware and working on it, and when it's fixed, you'll know.
  7. All glitches are fixed in TeknoParrot from what I can see (gfx issues and menus speed). Have you tried that?
  8. There are never release dates for loaders/simulators. Something will be released when it's ready. Be patient and use the current version to play games.
  9. Reply to what? You didn't say anything: The thing about you "shutting this all down"? That made me laugh. Or the Rule 1 that you invented (again TP is free)? Nothing to comment there. Patreon donation does not equal "charging for emulation". Not a real rule and numerous emulation projects and emulator communities would agree. The thing about Raw Thrills watching this thing like a hawk. That was priceless and adorable. How Reaver is now a bully because he's not letting everyone play? Again, go play the 98% of games that are completely free. How Reaver is stealing revenue from Arcades? Do you want him to just stop then. With/Without Patreon, that would still be happening (spoiler, it's actually not) "MAME and others have released for games that are over 5 years old". Reaver has stated the exact same thing (not emulate newer than 5 yrs). What game is working on TP released after 2014? I've said all I can possibly say. We're just going in circles. Reason and logic and facts just don't work. So no point in continuing. You're just embarrassing yourself at this point with what you're writing so I'll just let you do your thing. Also, pro tip, you can just EDIT your post if you want to say more things to avoid multiple replies. This isn't IM or Discord.
  10. End of subject, case closed? Good comeback. Do you have any rationale to your stance? You do understand you can play 98% of the game on TP for free, right? No, I think you like to focus on the toy you can't have because you don't understand the concept of supporting a project. Maybe whining will help support TP, if so then you and the other 2 people on here are awesome contributors and really helping the community and loader projects with that fantastic negativity. Really? That's the best argument you got? Explain how I'm ass kissing exactly. You are reading my words, right? I'm not sure if all the logic and facts are getting lost on you. If you need help with the big words, I can help you offline. Again, completely juvenile response, lacking any substance at all. You're just spouting random untrue garbage - reminds me of a president that I won't name. Really? Reaver + team have destroyed emulation by locking 2% of their games temporarily behind a Patreon donation? Ummm, ok....I don't think I can even respond to something that's so ludicrous. You sound like your 7yrs old. The premise of emulation is to emulate hardware, that's it. It's NOT to "share everything for free" and never ask for a dime. Patreon donations has real, positive impact on emulation. You can attribute the amazing progress of Cemu, RPCS3, Yuzu and others in the past couple years to the fact that have some money coming in for purchases and to spend more time on development. Direct causation. I know you don't like facts but figured I throw that one out there for the other people on here. They all make more money than TP and thanks to that we have excellent Wii-U, PS3 and Switch emulation, which I super appreciate. As a note, I support all of them to with measly $5 donations, since I like to give back and enjoy the extra perks. God forbid people associate value to their projects. If anything, Patreon/donations have really breathed life into the community and we finally found a way to give back to these hard-working devs in a safe, legal way. Again, just spewing the first thing that comes to your mind. There's NOTHING illegal about this. Please share out your legal expertise on this subject. Did you just join emulation community a few weeks ago? How do you not know that emulators are perfectly legal so long as everything is new code. And the emulator, despite your strongest efforts to prove otherwise for some insane reason, is FREE. No legal issues. I really, really, really don't understand why you don't understand that. You do know that the cost of "early access" and the cost emulator/loader usage are different, don't you? Do you understand there can be 2 things instead of 1? I might have to draw you a picture. Also, no one on the planet knows anything about Teknoparrot except those in the arcade community, so I have no idea why you think having a Patreon is the equivalent of brodcasting to news outlets across the world and the FBI has launched an investigation. Calm down and stop just saying unfounded garbage. The anatomy or the lack of an ability to form a proper adult counter? Yeah...I'm thinking the latter. As I've proved above, your just backing a guy who says whatever pops in his head without applying any critical thinking and flys off the handle with childish insults. Says a lot about you too I guess. BTW, I was just referring to you three (+myarcade) when it comes to the people waiting to attack the Patreon model and start trying to turn people away from it. It's you just guys for the most part, not at all in the majority. We can take a vote to be sure. If you 3 hate the emulator, just leave. Just go. The fact that you don't shows that you need this loader because it's the ONLY thing that really going on in the Arcade scene after all the pathetic whiners drove Mohkerz away. Maybe you'll get your way and piss off Reaver enough to quit the project and then you'll be left with nothing. Then you can sleep at night because you made sure no one had the right to support any kind of emulation project.
  11. I feel like every two weeks the same people have to start complaining about the $5 early access for a couple of games. It's like they can't help themselves and are just waiting for an opportunity to bring up how terrible it is that anyone in the world asks for donations and encouraging sharing serials and circumventing Patreon, which is pretty ridiculous. It's the same, lame arguments over and over: "it's just wrong", "he responds with memes", "he has a pic of him holding a gun (as a joke)", "I'm an overly sensitive person and everything offends me and Reaver needs some workplace sensitivity training"... Fine that last one was never mentioned but implicitly insinuated effectively. There's like 2 games left that are Patreon only and you're still trying to make this out to be some kind of evil, nefarious plot to steal everyone's money. It's just a weird overreaction to a super common thing in game and emulator development. As a proud Patreon supporter (notice the word 'supporter' there?), I'm fine with exclusives, so my monthly donations to the project are netting me something special. Not everything in life can be free (where do you live?) and sometimes people need money to you know, buy things to continue project work. I think that concept is missed with a lot of people but someday they'll get it (maybe). And if you don't like it, go play the other ~60 games that are FREE on this FREE emulator and stop derailing this thread with your constant, self-righteous, toxic, misguided rants about how donating to a project is wrong. It's summer time, they're taking a break but have already started work on new games that will take the spot of the current Patreon titles I'm sure. In the meantime, go nag or play with other arcade loaders that have really been killing it with major game compatibility improvements over 2019..er, oh wait....
  12. @a7mag3ddon Why don't you help then, instead of insulting the whole community? "Helping" doesn't have to involve creating a full guide for some random dude. Looking at your posts, you've never helped anyone here, only begged for help yourself. Why don't you look in the mirror, try helping someone else for once and not spam threads like this?
  13. I heard it's broken after Windows 10 1803. :( Version you on? Yeah, I reported this on Discord last night. For half the people it's stable, the other half (me included), it crashes on the NY flying stage. :(
  14. Not sure what you're saying but you can play either 2d or 3d (with passive 3d glasses/monitor). Those are your two choices and you decide that when starting the game.
  15. Nov 2019? Shit. That's going to be a sad day for the arcade community. What's the current list of games that will become unplayable? Sega Rally 3, Silent Hill (using moherz loader), .....