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  1. haha. more money is more power
  2. If you want to destroy the lift under this rule and the balance brought about this rule, you can purchase the encrypted original jp version hdd and then crack yourself and post here. i assure that nobody thanks to your hard work at here unless some people who have shown a grateful attitude to d the team already
  3. If you have channels or capabilities, you can buy origin encrypted jp data hdd yourself and make the casthour release, not always talking about you.
  4. a surprising news that i dont from any community you have told. haha
  5. lol n-1 is the fundamental rules of to keep 'safe' and balance with the official arcade konami services. i dont think your idea gonna correct
  6. i think so. however i wanna seen casthour would been kept until the next version
  7. well. i am not interested in you getting more n-0 leaks. go dump yourself
  8. 2022 until the next version/next year.
  9. after i have read all forum, i think there is no need to play casthour there's no any OME or arena/bpl global matching with my friends. idk see you in April 2022.