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  1. For who have trouble to open like "SDDT_Axxx.vhd" file: 1. Download 7zip and exfat7z plugin 7-Zip ExFat7z (tc4shell.com) 2. Put ExFat7z.32.dll or ExFat7z.64.dll into 7-zip/Formats folder 3. Now you can open the SDDT_Axxx.vhd file!
  2. I have same problem when i run RED + v1.30 , and i put segatools_Mouse_ong.rar file into it but it said No process found "amdaemon.exe". How to fix it?
  3. c disk = C:\ I put it on C:\HDDSimulator\ ,you can put it on C:\ anywhere. version is ongeki summer.
  4. HELP i can't run this game, it stop amdaemon.exe when "--- End mu3_pre_startup ---" and Game processes have terminated Edit: ok i fix it, just put game folder to c disk and it can run