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  1. Oriental Legend 2 PGM2 MAME Hack (WIP)

    please post original version not clone
  2. Oriental Legend 2 PGM2 MAME Hack (WIP)

    which buttons on keyboard be enter, credit be number 5?
  3. Oriental Legend 2 PGM2 MAME Hack (WIP)

    for now be mystery for me how benimaru did special moves on tastature
  4. Oriental Legend 2 PGM2 MAME Hack (WIP)

    thanks so much, kof 98 be playable in mame old versions
  5. Oriental Legend 2 PGM2 MAME Hack (WIP)

    post links????????? where and which roms. Thank you
  6. Oriental Legend 2 PGM2 MAME Hack (WIP)

    please write where we download. thank you
  7. [Emu] Cemu v1.22.6c - Emulateur Wii U sur PC

    did bayonetta 1 and tekken work? also please add link to emulator and iso files of both games. My procesor be AMD ATHLON 64 X2DUALCORE 5000+ 2.60GHZ RAM> 2,00 GB GRAPHIC 1GB
  8. error say 0xc0000142, please help, for now work persona and chaos, but nitroplus always same
  9. mr mistery do you have fb profile? what you do with persona 4
  10. mr mistery ti si iz srbije, dodaj me na fb da uskaldistimo personu i ostalo name na fb Aleksandar Miroljub Mladenovic
  11. where i need to put cryptserver and nesica keys, for me says RUNTIME ERROR! PROGRAM D...R6025-PURE VIRTUAl function call
  12. persona 4 r6025 error?????for others?
  13. no one yet broke can of this gem??????????????
  14. thank you for answer, if i maybe help for something, please write me. Game is awesome, look example Catherine amazing character. That speak for self- worth for emulator 100%
  15. did someone explain what we need to bring chaos code to work? please