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  1. This is amazing! Excelent result! Is there any way of actually replacing the game's video files with these upscaled remasters? Great job my friend! Abraço de Portugal
  2. This is amazing! Any chances of doing this to Brain Dead 13? It's the only Don Bluth game which hasn't received a 1080p upgrade or remaster! Cheers from Portugal!
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Ack SYNC Code ErrorAck SYNC Code ErrorAM_SYSDATA_BACKUP broken.(-14) I got the same error. Any solution please???
  4. Hi jviegas, I have the exact same problem! The games: Homura, Raiden III, Raiden IV and Psychic Force 2012 run ultra fast! Does anybody know a solution for this? Many thanks and great work! this was the best emulation dump in a long time, pure gold!