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    How do you setup FFBn 2.11 I have the files in the IDZ package folder with start.bat and getting no force feedback on a G29. I have the version from the VirusMans page. Other games work fine. Update: Got it working seems I had a couple of copies and was using the wrong one. But FFB is very poppy for the g29 on all three settings.
  2. Lightguns for Arcade games TP, Jconf etc

    Yea looked up the Gun4IR don't know yet if its a open driver or hardware or a combination of both, but looks interesting to explore for sure.
  3. Lightguns for Arcade games TP, Jconf etc

    Tell me more about this Gun4IR stuff, had a quick look online.
  4. Lightguns for Arcade games TP, Jconf etc

    Hows the compatabiliyty and accuracy with those I read they its a bit flakey etc. Also whats the setup like? Would love a aimtrack but expensivce so have to come later and cant exactly afford two of those.
  5. Wondering what lightguns you all are using and reconmend for Teknoparrot, Jconfig etc and also making this thread as a way you can post and share configs etc.
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    You can symlink to C: and it'll work. This is what I do for games that need it, Daytona, FFDrift etc. A for the rawthrills games of one has multiple how would that work being able to load then when the games use the same base folder name.
  7. [Arcade PC] ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.

    With SWDC, one of the grey boxes running in admin mode fixes that. I can play but no network. Is network connectivity working with the special VirusMan version of Teknoparrot .400? mine is always bad nwtwork and disconnected Could someone share theere working segatools.ini file Also I assume Aime cards arn't supported. As for FFB it works but pretty weak, anyone have a customised FFBPlugin.ini with good values?
  8. Mame full set ?

    Pleasuredome github have the latest sets now. [Hidden Content]
  9. Windows 11 here and Arcade.exe does nothing even with compatability settings. What directory etc you have it in?
  10. I got it working turned out to be windows local firewall. If anyone is having problems here are the settings works with Teknoparrot. First make sure you have webcams and them enabled in the config. Main <config.ini> [General] DongleRegion=JAPAN PcbRegion =JAPAN FreePlay=1 [Network] Dhcp=1 Ip= <-- Change to match your IP for each PC can only be .1 to .9 Mask= Gateway= <-- Your gateway router Dns1= Dns2= GameData <config.ini> [Network] FORCE_NET_VALID = 0 NETWORK_TYPE = 1 <-- Set to 0 for slave systems # 0: Slave # 1: Master # 2: SinglePlay Shell <game.ini> [Network] Active=1 Domain=127.0.0 BaseAddr=1 Port=23232 CabinetDomain=192.168.1 CabinetBaseAddr=7 <-- Change for each pc to match the above its the IP of the system CabinetPort=27000 CabinetActive=1 MasterTimeout=15000 ClientTimeout=15000 ShellData <ShellData.ini> [Network] Enabled=1 CabinetID=1 <-- Your cabinet number change for each system NumCabinets=2 <-- Number of cabinets connected <GameSettings.ini> CAMERA ENABLED=YES <-- Without this line won't work Microsoft Defender Firewall, Make sure you either turn it off or allow daytona.exe through your firewall on private networks for all PC's. If you don't turn off or allow daytona.exe you will be stuck on the Network Test screen. If you want to use a drive other than C drive setup a symlink using Symlinker run as administrator for all PC's. [Hidden Content] Link folder: C:\ Name: Sega Destination: Your path to the Daytona 3 folder. Make sure you add both the c:\sega\daytona\daytona.exe and where you have daytona.exe actually installed to the firewall. With previous attempts to explain link cabinets in this thread no-one really explained everything or had different settings etc. For me it was Windows firewall which is overlooked on other messages..
  11. I can start to link up then it gets stuck here. System two is the reverse to this saying that's good. Does anyone have working config files they can share so I can compare? I grabbed the Reseau Link Play Files from this thread but when I checked them to compare it looks like they aren't configured correctly. Update have the link working I'll do a full guide as none seem available.
  12. I've been a lurker here for a bit but thought id post about my findings as I have tested both the TP and JC versions on two pc's and checked things and have some info for you all. I wanted to try the lan two machines and looking only the JC version has terminal emulation (not talking the stand alone terminal unit as that brings up a touch panel error) TP doesn't have terminal for multiplayer implemented yet, but trying led me to some findings below. I have 2 PC's 1 - i7 9700k, GTX1070 - Win 11 2 - 1366 Xeon, RX570 - Win 10 21h2 For reference. Both versions are from VirusMans site and installed in two separate folders on both PC's. The TP version works on both PC's, the JC version only works on PC 1 and on PC 2 flashes up a black or white screen and closes. When I put the exe from the TP version to the JC folder on PC2 it loads up the cabinet boot sequence with dongle error obviously. This leads me to the conclusion the game exe or the emu with the JC version is bugged, I am using exe with the 1.1 patch WMMT6_2021_06_01.rar. Tried admin mode Windows 8 compatibility etc with the JC version no luck trying multiple settings on PC 2, TP version works fine. Checking event viewer both PC's show the same error in Windows Logs Application on every run, for the JC version when run (Yours should also) The exe with TP version doesn't generate these errors. This is despite PC 1 running and PC 2 flashing a black or white screen. PC 1 has crashed the same as PC 2 on load so its a random if it crashes or runs. It appears a C++ 2010 error with the modded Jconfig exe. (The TP version exe has no error as mentioned and runs on both PC's) Tried re-installing C++ 2010 on PC 2 and copying the C++ MSVCR100.dll from PC 1 Win 11 System 32 to the PC 2 game folder, no luck getting the JC version running on PC 2. The TP version runs great on both PC's but with the exe from the JC version the game won't start on PC 2 unless replaced with the other exe. So my conclusion is either the modded exe for the JC version is not compiled or working properly or the JC emu isn't as working as it could be or a combination of both. The only file difference's for the JC emu are three files, so Its something with these three files why the game won't work and errors in event viewer: JconfigWM6.exe JVSEmuWM6.dll wmn6r.exe