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  1. Hyper Echelon V1.0.2 Steam

    Nobody?! Maybe if someone can pass me his game save with level 6 unlocked so as to bypass the famous bug and finally play it to the end. Thanks.
  2. Hyper Echelon V1.0.2 Steam

    thanks williecoiote for this version, but unfortunately it is version 1.0.0 (which has the boss glitch) that I have too. I'm looking for version 1.0.2 which cannot be found online.
  3. Hyper Echelon V1.0.2 Steam

    Hi , I'm looking for this beautiful shoot em up released on steam. [Hidden Content] Online there is only the first version that has a boss glitch at the fifth level and crashes Octopus Boss Glitch In version 1.0.2 this bug has been fixed. I hope someone has this version and share it here on the forum , thanks.